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About Applying Energy Therapy

The body is just not a physical form that adheres to nature’s laws, but rather has an energetic structure that encompasses matter. This includes the emotional, mental, and spiritual components of the inside body which promote the inner healing of a patient. Energetic theories are thus incorporated by a nurse through determination to communicate with the patient’s body by combining the mind, eyes, and hands.

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These services have proved valuable in my practice where patients get upset by the surgery process as a whole. They usually get nervous and afraid of the process which involves vast procedures, hence the administration of energy therapies. A successful breast reconstruction surgery requires different procedures which must be timely administered. A successful procedure would require the patient to stay in the hospital for some days. I have observed patients who experience back pains, lengthy recuperation, and discomfort. When this is coupled with a diagnosis of cancer, most patients feel depressed and emotionally drained (Zenn, 2009).

The energetic and physical therapies have significantly assisted before and after surgical operations. Massage therapy’s success in easing the side effects of cancer has been proven (NCBTMB). These forms of therapies have been incorporated into this field to reduce anxiety and relieve back pains. The processes affect every body part, hence promoting spiritual and physical health, and speeding up recuperation. Restoration of balance and harmony in the system of the patients results in the self-healing of a patient.

Several energy analysis methods can be incorporated into my practice. Reiki is one of these manual processes of facilitating the patient’s healing process. The practice subscribes to the view that there is a source of energy that assists the healing abilities of the body. The facilitation of the flow of this energy thus helps specialists guide the patient in healing. It can be combined with other conventional therapies or administered on its own. The duration of Reiki therapy is generally shorter in surgery than in other healthcare fields. In my practice, the therapy is typically used to reduce stress and improve overall health. It is also used by patients recovering from breast reconstruction surgery or those experiencing side effects from cancer healing. It conveys a sense of peace in patients and families of those who are facing death. The overall safety of the process and lack of side effects make the process highly resourceful (national Institute of health, 2009).

Reflexology is another form of therapy that is helpful in post-surgery treatment. It emphasizes the restoration of balance in more sensitive parts of the body. In several medical institutions, it is part of the complementary medicine program in surgical procedures. It also increases resilience in a patient if administered before surgery. Reflexology is necessary after surgical operations to help prevent forming of adhesions and accelerate the healing process (Barret, 2004). Restoring the natural balance of the whole body improves one’s well-being.

Reiki does not necessarily require exceptional credentials to receive instructions (national institutes of health, 2009). There are no formal regulations for training and certification of this practice. It has traditionally been practiced both at home and with specialists in a medical institution. Thus, it does not need a referral to specialists, as it can be administered by a nurse who has received formal training. Although most people who receive training are licensed nursing professionals, no professional standards exist for this therapy. Reflexology may require referrals to specialists if one is not certain of the conditions and symptoms presented by the patient. Even though no formal training is required, nurses offer reflexology as part of the nursing practice.

Energy therapy manipulates thought, behavior, and feelings to create a positive impact on the energetic level. It is based on the principle of the flow of energy within the body to balance complications in the patient’s system. This form of therapy thus helps clear blocked energy within the body hence promoting overall health.

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