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Acquiring Cheaper Healthcare Insurances


Public healthcare in the United Kingdom is provided by the National Health Service where all citizens with permanent residence status have free access to healthcare. The provisions of public healthcare differ from one territory of the United Kingdom to the other (Triggle, 2008). Healthcare programs throughout the United Kingdom have been created to aid citizens in taking care of their well-beings. The Nuffield Council on Bioethics (2007) stated that the central issue in public health is whether it is acceptable for the state to establish policies that will affect national health or not. Liberties of individuals to act on their own health care on their own preferences are considered. However, the Council (2007) notes that constraining liberties to some extent play an important role in assisting people to act autonomously in the first place. Healthcare programs are created that aim to reduce illness and promote health among the people. These programs also aim to ensure that health care is easily available to anyone qualified for it (members of its nation). The problem with public healthcare is that treatment is restricted only to residences of the UK and the coverage of such is limited. Another concern for patients is the long NHS queues thus the importance of healthcare insurances present its attractiveness especially in availing private healthcare services.

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Importance of Healthcare Insurances

The importance of healthcare insurances lies in their ability to provide peace of mind to individuals who avail them. They enable patients to receive treatment anywhere they want without the hassle of going through lengthy bureaucratic procedures similar to those of the NHS. The most important benefit on availing healthcare insurances is individuals no longer have to worry about the cost of treatments. Medical treatments nowadays are very expensive and may take a toll on ordinary citizens’ paychecks. By availing insurances, individuals can pay a small amount monthly or annually to insurance companies to cover expenses in cases of emergencies. They protect individuals from unexpected cost and sudden events where individuals would usually incur expenses from the savings they have. In the UK, the NHS will only cover patients’ private hospital fees if they adhere to the criteria of the former otherwise patients have to pay for the cost from their own pockets.

Ways to Acquire Insurance cheap

Since residences in the UK have privilege in accessing healthcare benefits from the NHS, one should maximize such benefits for they are free but individuals must have backup plans in cases of emergencies thus the acquisition of healthcare insurances is important. In order to maximize healthcare insurances individuals must take time to consider healthcare plans that are suitable for their lifestyles. Ways in acquiring cheaper healthcare insurance may include considering the following: COBRA, workers’ compensation plans, and medicard. Firstly in Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act or COBRA, individuals who recently lost their jobs can continue their previous employer’s healthcare insurance through COBRA. If an individual adapts COBRA, premiums will be paid by the individual entirely on his own thus a thorough study must be conducted in comparing prices. An individual can opt to buy his own insurance policy rather than going on COBRA if the option is less expensive (Cohen, 2009). COBRA can also apply to children going off to college or parents’ healthcare insurances. The most important thing in executing such is to be able to afford the premiums. A second issue worth considering is workers’ compensation benefits. Some state policies cover workers under their Workers’ Compensation program. In this program health expenses of workers who seek medical attention because of work related events and injuries will be covered by employers as mentioned in the Workers’ Compensation program by a state. An employed individual can verify such benefit through the local state’s healthcare policies and his own employer. Medicards are available to low-income families and individuals where the eligibility in qualifying in such program is determined by the state (Sage, 2012). Before availing any insurance policy individuals may first check if they qualified for their local state’s medicard requirements. Before finalizing insurance plans to be acquired, it is important for individuals to take into consideration these issues in order to come up with the perfect and suitable plan for one’s healthcare.


Though the United Kingdom has the National Health Service to assist citizens in their medical problems it is still important for individuals to consider acquiring healthcare insurances. The importance of acquiring such may be found in cases where individuals are in an emergency and they are needed to be treated immediately. Going through the procedures of the NHS may take some time because of lengthy bureaucratic procedures. With healthcare insurances individuals can receive treatment can rest assure that they will receive medical treatments immediately and in terms of financial concerns insurance companies will take care of hospital bills. It is wise for individuals to plan out their healthcare insurances in accordance to their needs thus a careful study must be conducted before availing healthcare insurance plans.

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