Adolescent Experience in Different Interpretations

Brief Description of the Experience

Parents always interfere with the life of adolescents as they worry about their children, however, adolescence is a complicated period when it is important to maintain trust in the relationships. Trying to act in the interests of their children, parents usually make relationships more complicated and moments more embarrassed. I remember the situation when my mother ‘friended’ me on Facebook. It was a real disaster as loving my mother I could not refuse her, however, I considered it as a real disaster. Having rather confidential relations, I could not refuse, but I also understood that she entered my personal space and I did not like it. Having accepted the friendship requirement, I limited her access to my page.

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How That Experience Affected You

It was a good idea as in this case, I allowed my mother to keep eye on me and at the same time, I kept my private life private. That situation really affected me as I believed the case when mother was interested in Facebook was the only one in the world, however, I saw that such cases are numerous and many adolescents choose to accept friendship and limit access rather than to refuse it and explain why you have done it. Belkin tried to raise this problem in the newspaper and I suppose that this is the problem which is to be talked to as facing the problems of parental access into private online life many adolescents are frightened and embarrassed. The same feelings I had.

How You Interpreted the Experience at the Time

I was really frightened and embarrassed as I understood that my choice whether to accept my mom on Facebook or refuse would influence our relationships. I did not want to upset her and to make our relationships tense. I was also interested in supporting and developing friendly and trusting relationships with my mom, therefore, I accepted her friendship request, but limited her access. I said to her nothing and I believe it was correct.

How You Interpret the Experience Today

Looking at the situation from the perspective of the passed time, I may say that I acted correctly to accept the friendship and limit her access, however, I suppose I had to tell her this. My mom would really appreciate that if I told her about my desire to keep some private space and that I limited her access. I am also sure that she would agree with that.

Two Different Theorists’ Philosophy/Theory That Could Be Used to Interpret the Experience and How

Trying to consider the situation from the perspective of the philosophical theories, consequentialism, and social theory is to be applied. Consequentialism is the philosophical theory that was applied to the issue under consideration through the ethical worth of action. Limiting my mother’s access to my Facebook account I acted unethically (I lied to her to make sure she trusted me), however, I did it in favor of our future relationships. I was sure that having refused her request, I would be asked many questions I did not want to answer. Therefore, acting in this way I tried to maintain peace in our future relationships. The social theory may also be applied to this situation. Being a social network, Facebook, and the relationships there are closely connected with the idea of social behavior.

Works Cited

Belkin, Liza. “When your kid won’t ‘friend’ you.” The New York Times. 2008. Web.

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