American Historical Documents on the Websites

The Bill of Rights of 1789

The Bill of Rights is the collection of the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution (“The Bill of Rights: A transcription,” 2017). In the initial version, there were twelve amendments suggested by the Congress in 1789. Ten of them, Articles 3-12, were ratified on December 15, 1791. One more amendment, Article 2, was ratified as the 27th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1992, over two hundred years after being proposed. Finally, one of the original amendments, Article 1, was never ratified.

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The website contains the transcribed text of all twelve original amendments as offered by the Joint Resolution of Congress in 1789. Further, the edited version of the amendments, the Bill of Rights, is available. It is possible to compare and contrast the initial version and the approved one. By doing so, one can analyze which of the amendments was not ratified, and consider the possible reasons for such a decision. This web source is useful since it provides data on one of the most significant documents in the country’s history, the Bill of Rights. Since the Constitution is based on these Articles, it is crucial to explore them.

The Federalist Papers of 1787-1788

The Federalist Papers were originally published in 1787 in the New York press (“The Federalist Papers,” n.d.). No author was mentioned, and the Papers were published under the signature of “Publius” (“The Federalist Papers,” n.d.). This collection is regarded to be one of the most significant inputs to the American political thought. A year later, in 1788, the collection appeared in book format. The introduction to the book was written by Alexander Hamilton, one of the three men who used the pseudonym “Publius.” All in all, there were 85 articles in which the authors dwelled not only on the issues of the Constitution but also on many other political problems.

The significance of the Federalist Papers in the formation of the U.S. Constitution cannot be overestimated. The website is a valuable resource since it offers the text of each of the 85 papers. The analysis of these articles allows understanding of the political views of the people who wished to ratify the Constitution of the US. Thus, this web source will provide insight into historical research.

The Writings of James Madison of 1900

James Madison was one of the most important figures in the history of the US. He played a crucial role in drafting and promoting the Constitution. Madison was one of the most active creators of the Federalist Papers. His political ideas were highly valued in the past and are still esteemed at present. For these reasons, the collection of Madison’s writings (1900) is an important set of documents that anyone who is interested in researching the US history should study.

The website contains both public and private writings of the politician. Madison’s works are grouped in nine volumes. Each of these includes the detailed information about the publication, such as the date, addressee, and other aspects. What is particularly valuable about this source is that it offers a possibility to get acquainted with some of the most significant historical documents of the country. Convenient notes and links help to navigate the search and find the relevant information. This web source presents high significance both because of the volume and quality of documents published. Anyone doing research on the US history may benefit from this website.


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