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American University Library Long-Awaited Opening

Washington, DC. – A new, long-awaited library will be opening at American University next month. The facility, made possible with a multimillion gift from the Shane Family Foundation, is meant to be a community space featuring several computer labs, 2,500 Internet plugins, and 125 works of art.

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The American University Library plays a crucial role in the lives of faculty, students, and university staff, providing them with all resources they may need for teaching, studying, conducting research, and doing creative projects. The library successfully manages to unite traditional modes of scholarship with the latest learning opportunities provided by modern technologies. Here, visitors can find a large collection of printed and electronic books, primary resource materials, cutting-edge academic journals, and multimedia files, as well as several other resources that facilitate learning. The facility partners with a wide range of governmental, academic, and public institutions to enlarge the scope of available materials, which currently amount to 12 million volumes.

The only thing that the library was lacking was a more inspiring space. The one that it had limited student access to computers, tablets, seats, and Internet connections. Besides, it did not allow the library to enrich its collection of paper materials, which is highly important for maintaining its status as a traditional storehouse of learning.

Now, the library finally has received its chance to be moved to a newly erected, huge, and modernly equipped building. Eight stories of glass and steel, designed by Skinner & Associates, a leading architectural company specializing in innovative residential design, set the school back $100 million. Luckily, most of the sum was presented as a gift from the Shane Family Foundation – a charitable organization established to raise funds to support research to increase public awareness of blood clotting disorders.

The investment into this new library facility is worth it. The new library has several labs with brand-new furnishings providing students with unlimited research opportunities. They will be able to receive on-site training and help on lab equipment and computer software. With 2,500 Internet plugins available, every visitor can have the opportunity to establish connections across academic institutions, keep in touch with their classmates, and do scholarly projects online. There is also good news for those who are interested in creativity and the arts: the library is now spacious enough to host permanent and temporary galleries; 125 works of art will be commissioned to add to space.

The official grand opening is going to take place in April, as promised by the head of American University. The new library expects many outstanding guests (including city authorities, prominent scholars, and former alumni) to attend this festive event. Harry Potter fans among students and teachers will be delighted to know that J.K. Rowling will be present, among other guests of honor. Although she was never a graduate of American University, she believes that such projects are the perfect example of an invaluable contribution to the development of education. Moreover, the new library is a great technological step forward for the university, which will see a drastic increase in the number of applications.

American University is among the most highly ranked educational institutions across the country, providing its students with a great number of opportunities for academic and personal growth. It offers an ideal balance between class time and practical career experience, and its professors are distinguished for their academic achievements, leadership, and unfaltering commitment to educational values.

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