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Australian Pizza: Customer Related Management

Communications at all times played a significant role in making solutions and gaining information. People tend to use any piece of information so that to achieve more benefits and evaluations about an event, goods, or a service. In this respect, the limitations of information or data are needful for making more emphasis on the evaluation of this or that kind of product. In management, the customer-related approach is vital today. It is so due to the era of high technologies and information systems. The thing is that living in the post-industrial society presupposes the use of its main product, namely information. That is why it is true to state that a person who keeps informed may urge for everything new and better. In other words, when one has limitations in information, he/she has no idea whether, for example, to buy a product or not. It also concerns services.

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Customer Related Management (CRM) is a branch of economic science that has the purpose of providing a customer with proper information and services in order to support and promote products (Laudon & Laudon 2009). In this case, the situation with pizza companies in Australia is a great example of how rivals implement and maintain new standards of work with customers, which more and more obtains aggressive coloring in this field of business. The extent of innovations used in a definite company shows the direct capacities of an enterprise, chain company, or simple independent supplier of products or services to stay strong and stable within cruel conditions of constant ups and downs in the market. This is why companies urge to provide their current and potential customers with proper information about, for instance, current discounts or proposals. Mass media serve as the main battlefield within producers of a similar kind of production (Keillor 2008). Pizza Hut, Domino, or Pizza Haven are exemplified in the case study to show their abilities to encourage and stay in touch with customers every now and then. As for me, sales promotion is the main stimulator of customers’ activity. It is logical, of course. Even the smallest decrease in prices on pizza provides a company with more customers, which means more possibilities to have a major share on the market.

Some risks are presented for pizzerias when urging to gain more prospects on buying power within the population. They are concerned with the innovation acceptance by people and time framework for this initiative. For example, high technologies (computers, software, etc.) were invented and implemented in practice much earlier than they became popular with the masses. Though, it is necessary for companies to adopt those innovations in managing affairs with customers, which can be adhered to already existing ones. In the case of Pizza Hut, the idea of sending new propositions via SMS (SkyBay) was quite appropriate for making customers aware of new propositions (Managing Sales Promotion and Selling 2006). It is important for most of them, in order not to lag behind, but to get “fresh” news about lovely product. In this case it is pizza being one of the five most favorite products in Australia.

Thus, the idea of information promotion in the slightest for man reasons. One of them is a stimulation of buying power and customers’ drive. Furthermore, competition is a great chance for companies to prove the quality of their production and to check such quality within rivals. In the case with pizza battles in Australia such initiative was driven due to aggressive sales promotion.


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