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“Building Your Resiliency” the Article by Sherman, R. O.


Resilience is the ability to continue pursuing an individual’s select endeavors despite possible initial failures. The provided summary of the article “Building Your Resiliency” by Sherman (2018) makes possible the identification of ways a person may go about improving their character. Thus, through analyzing the article, future professional nurses, such as I, can and will identify for themselves attributes requiring growth and preferable strategies for their development.

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Assigned Article Summary

Sherman (2018) uses the example of Susan who failed her critical care certification exam to demonstrate the importance of resilience, explaining that resilient people are capable of applying skills to recover from problems. Conversely, individuals who lack determination may feel overwhelmed by problematic experiences, making developing one’s resilience important despite failed attempts, encouraging people to view difficulties as challenges rather than paralyzing incidents (Sherman, 2018).

Sherman (2018) observes that people “need resiliency for a long and productive nursing career,” highlighting this trait as vital since individuals may not be able to overcome experienced difficulties in their daily operations without it (p. 27). Thus, resiliency becomes crucial because it offers the strength to approach problems head-on through resisting adversity.

According to Sherman (2018), “how we view adversity and stress strongly impacts our capacity to bounce back” (p. 27). Therefore, daily experiences help foster resilience, and Sherman (2018) emphasizes the importance of establishing a resiliency toolbox, identifying reflective journaling as one of the strategies for gaining perspective about particular experiences. She presents several tools that can be deployed to improve resiliency, stressing the catalytic nature of willfulness (Sherman, 2018). Intentional actions, therefore, become the key to a successful personal and professional life.

Impact of Assigned Article Content on Future Practice

The article is impactful on my future nursing practice, as it underscores the significance of resilience due to the inevitability of daily challenges in healthcare. I now understand resilience’s role in overcoming problematic situations as a future professional nurse, and look forward to using choice aspects of the resilience toolbox. Sherman’s work normalizes the need for acquiring a perspective on nursing experience, and I will consider consulting with colleagues on encountered issues, enhancing my chances of problem resolution through collaboration.

Embracing a grateful attitude will allow me to establish meaningful relationships with others in professional environments, boosting my adaptive coping capabilities and reinforcing my confidence. Thus, this article has already influenced me to focus on my strengths and past successes when experiencing difficult situations. Becoming self-responsible will permit me to create a sense of agency under challenging circumstances, overcoming any challenging experiences I may encounter as a future professional nurse.


Through highlighting the importance of resiliency and suggesting tools for its cultivation, the assigned article has successfully reached its target audience that partially consists of future professional nurses. Promoting a good work ethic through constructive self-reflection and the creation of a positive work environment through collaboration stresses the importance of not only professional skills but also mental health. The uses and benefits of the provided self-improvement tools are evident, and all that remains is their implementation in a professional nursing setting.

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Sherman, R. O. (2018). Building your resiliency. American Nurse Today, 13(9), 26-28. Web.

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