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Business and Medical Journal Content Review

Journals, just like other scholarly works are of different types. They are classified according to their areas of specialization with the main classifications being scholarly journals and practitioner journals. There are those journals that are ranked because of the kind of articles that they publish. This paper reviews contents of some of the journals that are ranked top while seeking to compare each of these journals and establish the significant differences.

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European Journal of International Management is one of the journals that is ranked top. It is a peer reviewed journal that contains articles on aspects of international management. The main aim of this journal is to help its readership gain a better understanding of all issues surrounding international in the advent of globalization. This journal gives an opportunity to various authors who may want to explore and write of broad and divergent areas regarding management in the international arena.

Regarding submission guidelines, the requirement is that article submitted should not have been published previously in any other scholarly work (Harzing, 2004, p.123). In terms of audience, this journal has greater significance and impact to those academics who are actively involved in executive training consulting and teaching. Managers in practice also find this journal very helpful.

The American Journal of Agricultural Economics is yet another journal that is another possible place where one can publish their work. This journal focuses on matters related economics of food and agriculture, environment and resources that are available naturally. It also focuses on how the community around us can be improved and gradually thereby improving the world. The main guideline of submission to this journal just like many other journals is originality in that the work should not have been published elsewhere previously. It is also important for one to show innovation and creativity in the work they wish to have published in this journal.

The Journal of the American Medical Association is a journal that is different with the above discussed journals in that it is a peer reviewed journal. A peer reviewed journal is one whose articles are published only after they have been reviewed by many different reviewers. It is published about 48 times every since the year 1888. Its main focus is the field of medicine and deals with every issue that may arise in this vast field. This journal has actually been cited as the most circulated among all the journals in the medical field thereby been ranked among the top peer reviewed journals.

This journal also has an online version which is made available to institutions in third world countries for free (Smith, 2009, p.45). The main aim of this journal is to help people throughout the world understand and master the art and science of medicine and therefore improve their lives. The main audience of this journal is people in the medial field and especially those who are practicing practitioners. This is however not to mean that the general public is not targeted by this journal because some of the issues raised are important and need to be brought to the attention of the public.

This journal hopes to achieve its objectives by ensuring that they improve the health life of any person who gets to read the work published therein. Those desirous of submitting their work must ensure that it is original.

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