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Cayou’s Africanist Characteristics


The Africanist characteristics seen in Katherine Dunham’s Barrelhouse Blues include polyrhythms in the body, the individualism of stylishness within the set style, raising/using the foot as a whole, and bent laps with the figure near the earth. Polyrhythms body movements originate and activate more than one movement. Individualism of style in the group styles is a movement where the parties involved do not depend on each other. Still, each of them focuses on a unique and independent body movement (Sokulska, 2021). Using the foot as a whole occurs when a dancer raises one foot with the support or help of the other partner. Bent knees are a movement that occurs when one dancer holds the other in a sexy way, and they start dancing while bending like individuals who want to kneel. The body polyrhythms and individualism of style movements correspond to each other since the two movements involve independent dance movements. [154 Words]

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MAZO “The Real Thing”

Vernacular movement

Vernacular movement refers to distinct dances that are motivated by African-Americans. Vernacular movement is a broad word, but it includes swing dancing, which is derived naturally without formal guidelines among communities depending on their culture. Mazo implies that Jazz is a mixture of African American backgrounds that stimulated the jazz music movements (Sokulska, 2021). Jazz dances were developed to integrate both African and American dance characteristics. Jazz dances have a range of branching theatrical and vernacular techniques that originated from West Africa. Each branch produces new offshoots that stimulate a fresh combination of jazz dance movements, indicating that Jazz originated from Africans. However, individuals misunderstand the Jazz dancing phrase in the modern era. It is often linked to modern and ballet-based dancing styles, which share similar jazz characteristics but are not directly linked to Jazz. Jazz ascended from an era of mythical use of northern accents and expanded traction throughout the globe. [153 Words]


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