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Child’s Auto Immunological Diseases

Children diseases have always been the sphere of my interest. The problems with health are always perceived with pain and disappointment, especially when the child is ill. We are not talking about cold or some other light diseases, which are also upsetting, but we are talking about diseases which make children suffer greatly and which are not treated. Auto immunological diseases are difficult to treat as the reasons for them are not investigated till the very end.

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The master research in the field of immunology is very important for me as it was the focus of my interest for some years. Considering the stages of my coming to this decision it can be mentioned that three years ago, I was thrilled when I completed my bachelor degree in medicine. In fact, I went through critical times when to make my specialty choice which meant my career and life however my true love of children made my decision easer to go to pediatrics in spite of my interest in other specialties of medicine. Indeed, studying medicine in English have opened my knowledge horizon and enabled me to pursue the latest in my field by reading new articles and other kinds of publications in pediatrics.

I was appointed as resident physician in pediatric department at King Khalid University Hospital. It is possible to get some information about it on the site. I worked there since 2005 until late 2006 when I made my golden choice to join my husband to Canada in a full scholarship from the government of Saudi Arabia to pursue our post-graduate education. Openly, the University of Guelph was our spot of destination by any academic standard according to its great reputation as a leading and innovative University in Canada and North America. In the light of the sphere I have been working in and my interest in immunology, I am applying for a master’s in Genetics at Biological Science School.

Immunology started to be the field of my interest when I had a rotation of immunology at King Khalid University Hospital which exposed me to different kinds of auto immunological diseases in pediatrics such as arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus. Watching small kids who suffered from such painful immunological diseases and the side effect of its drug, that we could offer, have raised a big question about finding better and safer treatment. Considering the problem of systemic lupus erythematosus, it was crucial for me that the investigations still continue and that the reasons for the disease are not understood in the full volume.

It is important to understand that the treatment of this disease can continue children’s lives and give them the opportunity to lead active and full-of impressions life. Working in the King Khalid University Hospital, I experienced great satisfaction from the understanding that your help is so desired and necessary. Watching healthy children and happy parents is a great appreciation for any doctor.

Focusing on my knowledge, experience and practical skills in working with children I hope I could help my patients by investigating some ways to strengthen their immune systems. The knowledge which I got in the Universities and the experience from working with children may be a great contribution to the work of the research department. My desire for help is also one of the main reasons for my confidence that I will be useful and will be able to succeed in the master research with your help.

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