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Critique of the Website

The Site

The site’s communication goals are not easy to tell as the home page lacks the basics like icons and taskbars that would act as a guide to the sections and subsection one wish to access. The information on the home page is irrelevant to the visitor as it describes the site in a very scanty way giving details of nonimportant things like web hosting domain which should not appear on this page. Worse still the page purports to give some statistics about its performance but no information has been posted. One thing that one encounters after opening the website is the vagueness of the information on the home page. Any good site is supposed to have a home page equipped with information and comprehensive data such that a visitor will have a variety and all of the angles of the information provided. It is not possible to tell straight away what one can expect to find on the site. A good website is supposed to have a welcoming home page which will make one identify its gist as well as maneuver through the entire site with ease.

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Krug’s rule

This site is designed in a way that is shallow one thing it does not meet Krug’s first law on usability which dictates that any website should be as humanly as possible, it should also be self-explanatory, and very obvious. This is to facilitate any visitor to the site to get what they are looking for without any complications (Krug 2000, 1). This web is not even close to meeting these thresholds, it completely violates that rule. One difficult task is finding information on this site since for starters, one is not sure of what to expect, and still, there are no leads to different sections in the site which renders it very hostile and difficult for the user. The site has employed very little use of technology if any, it lacks inappropriate technology that is readily available in the market would have rendered it more receptive. For a website to have the allure and attain optimum visits there should be wise technological use that can facilitate interactive use. For a good site, a click should lead somewhere, however in this one; all the clicks are going in circles leading the user back to square one. Many bloggers will go for sites with exciting features which are found out after clicking.

Trunk Test

The web fairs poorly on the Trunk test which determines the navigability of the site. Every page is supposed to have a site ID to help the user identify where the site belongs to. This comes in form of graphic text identifiers which should be strategically positioned for easy sighting by the user. For one to identify the page contents there should be a page name in form of a brief header with a vivid description of what’s in it. There should be links in all sections and sub-sections to help the user find their way back should they get lost. There should be indicators when one gets to the desired site. It should also be easy to search another related page as one continues with viewing the page of their quest. (Diana 2010, 1) This site fails to meet all these requirements rendering it unpleasant. Visiting this site is boring and the site falls short of the set threshold.

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