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Dudebox Firm’s Operational Plan and Subscription Box

The idea of supporting men in their attempts at shopping to be actively engaged in the household chores is a rather important task that the website in question strives to solve. Due to the Covid-19 issues, the shift in gender roles has been enhanced drastically, with a significant amount of chores being placed on men as a result of risen unemployment rates (Martin et al., 2020). In turn, the product in question will allow them to create shopping lists and make the shopping process easier. The operational plan for Dudebox includes vision, industry description, and key steps to be implemented in order to launch the subscription box.

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The vision that the website is expected to uphold suggests that the traditional gender roles should be subverted toward encouraging people engage in all types of activities that allow them to support their household. Specifically, men will be offered an opportunity to embrace some of the chores that are traditionally associated with women’s efforts at housekeeping, particularly, shopping. Currently, the online shopping and e-commerce industry takes a surprising 21.8% of the global retail sales, which represents a massive business opportunity (“E-commerce worldwide – Statistics & facts,” 2021). Thus, the industry for subscription boxes is quite vast, with a range of sites suggesting a swift and easy experience of online shopping.

The website development will include seven core activities, namely, collecting the essential data, planning the main activities, designing the subscription box, creating the content and assembling it, writing the code, testing and launching the website, and introducing maintenance tools (Cledou et al., 2018). The cycle above will continue with the introduction of improvements and updates into the subscription box.

Among the key resources for building the website, human resources must be listed first. It will be vital to gather a team of highly proficient and knowledgeable experts, who will be able to write a unique and effective code. Although the use of open source materials does provide certain benefits in terms of cost management, the quality of the end result may vary, which is why building a code for the site design and functioning from scratch is vital. Thus, a team composed of the chief programmer, programmers, and debuggers must be assembled.

In turn, the resources needed for the development of a subscription box will include the input provided by experts in the area and the software required for it. Additionally, admin dashboard templates, lifecycle management tools, and tools for reinforcing the security and safety of users’ data will be needed. The specified resources will help to create a product that will offer high-quality services to users and be intuitively understandable in its use.

Similarly, to create a working website that has a strong and noticeable competitive advantage, effective logistics tools must also be incorporated into the development process. For strategies for inventory and stock management, low-code development tool will be utilized. Thus, the subscription box will be designed as undemanding in terms of the operational memory as possible, which will attract users immediately. In turn, for demand planning, providers, and logistics (inbound and outbound), a communication channel for the continuous dialogue and connectivity between the participants will be built. Thus, misconceptions and misunderstandings that may happen in the process will be addressed.

In the context where gender roles have to be challenged, people will require additional guidance to challenge their habits and perceptions. Dudebox will serve as the foundation for men to develop the skills and knowledge needed for effective shopping. Thus, the quality of the shopping process will remain high, while the target audience’s experience will be lead them to becoming more engaged in the process of supporting their household and their wives.

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