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Employee Survey the CF&F Tech

Employee Survey

This report aims to address the current situation of the company by generating an employee survey to judge the level of employee engagement in the CF&F Tech division. The information will include the purpose and a sample layout of the survey, administration procedures, and interpretation of results.

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Survey Objectives

The objectives are threefold; the survey is to be conducted to judge the employee engagement in their particular field, it will be carried out throughout the division, and the main areas of focus will be employee relations across the hierarchy, work conditions, and fairness of treatment (McConnell, 2003). Also, employee resistance will be factored into the survey, which is the primary goal of this project. This will help identify the main directions in which organizational change needs to be put to work.

Survey Sample

To assure the accuracy of the results, anonymity to the respondents is crucial. Therefore the survey will begin with a confidence note guaranteeing anonymity (McConnell, 2003). The questions will follow as such (Brace, 2004)

  • What is your dedicated department?
  • How many supervisors are you answerable to?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you describe your supervisors’ behavior towards you, ten being the best?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how far do you think your supervisors’ are to you and your colleagues, ten being the most?
  • Do you think you are getting the return of the changes made by the new CEO recently? If not, please explain.
  • What are the changes you disagree with made by the new CEO? If yes, please explain.
  • Do you think the frontline supervisors are entirely aware of their job description? If not, please explain.


The newly appointed HR manager will administrate the survey. It will be conducted in a dedicated room, and employees will be required to attend the ten-minute long survey session after their lunch breaks.


Since the questions are in different formats, the results will vary. Responses will go from numeric to essay forms. Three other teams will assess them, sorting reactions according to their designated department, calculating numeric answers, and evaluating essay form responses. The HR manager will supervise the third since they are of utmost concern.


The publication of results to the employees will be done on the notice board, where they can review their responses. To the management, they will be publicized via a report which would also be passed on to the CEO, followed by a detailed presentation on the survey and recommendations to address these issues.


Change, by nature, is a difficult thing to accomplish, especially in a widespread company like this, where employees are more responsible for its decline or success rather than the CEO or the President. Therefore it is essential to let the employees know that they are very valued. Only then will they realize that all the company reforms are better for everybody. Through this survey, this can be conveyed to them. By answering their complaints and establishing a just and fair environment for everybody in this department, giving the employees a more secure and comfortable environment to work with, and answering their grievances, the resistant culture can be changed. (Marshall, 2000)

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This report contains the necessary guidelines for an effective employee survey. If these guidelines are followed, the main objectives of this project will be achieved, and more.


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