Endocrine Disorders Conference: Scholarly Activity


Because of the lack of awareness among community members, endocrine issues remain a topical problem for the residents of Miami, Florida. For this reason, a conference for Miami healthcare practitioners was held to discuss the concerns associated with the problems regarding the financial aspect of treating endocrine disorders. Similarly, the problems of transgender people’s invisibility in the specified area were discussed extensively.

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The conference embraced the issues faced by vulnerable groups in regard to the development of endocrine disorders. Thus, suggestions for possible solutions of the specified concerns were produced. In addition, I was able to build awareness concerning the challenges that patients with endocrine disorders face, which was an important benefit.


As stressed above, the lack of knowledge among the members of the target population and the lack of initiative among endocrine experts to build awareness among target groups should be seen as the key reasons for the event to take place. The lack of knowledge and patient education are significant problems for both patients suffering from endocrine disorders and healthcare providers that seek to create treatment options. Therefore, the activity addressed the problem of education by encouraging healthcare experts to accept the existence of the problem and encourage them to develop solutions for the specified concern (Lause, Kamboj, & Faith, 2017).

In addition, the event inspired its participants to seek innovative solutions and provide vulnerable groups with long-sought support. With the help of the transformational leadership technique, the people that took part in the event were encouraged to introduce the concept of patient education and enhanced nurse-patient communication into their scope of practice. The specified steps were considered to cause a gradual drop in the number of negative outcomes.


The concept of interdisciplinary collaboration was the focus of the event. During the activity, the idea of the unceasing education process among nurses was studied as the possible tool for resolving the problem. Indeed, ancillary education provided extensive opportunities for nurses to gain insightful knowledge about the challenges that patients face when managing health issues associated with the malfunctioning of their endocrine system (Mishra, Rani, & Bhardwaj, 2017). The significance of interdisciplinary cooperation as a means of approaching the problem from several aspects as a complex issue was also discussed during the event.


During the event, it was agreed that, by creating a network of experts that share newly acquired knowledge regularly and strive to acquire new competencies, one would be capable of locating solutions to the problems described above. The event shed light on the matter of both patient and nurse education by reconsidering the existing framework for managing data. As a result, opportunities for handling some of the most complicated problems associated with endocrine disorders were created.

Furthermore, the enhancement of multidisciplinary cooperation spurred by this event helped to increase the efficacy of care significantly, which was critical for me as a nurse. Due to the following rise in information and experience sharing across disciplines, I would be able to create innovative approaches toward managing patients’ needs. For instance, problems linked to the management of obesity rates, as well as thyroid and adrenal cases could be addressed.

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Program Competencies Addressed

In the course of the event, several nursing and healthcare competencies were the focus of the participants’ attention. Specifically, the development of a professional identity as a crucial nursing competency became possible after the specified event (National League of Nursing, 2018). For example, due to the reconsideration of a nurse’s role in the promotion of health, the event shaped my professional identity not only as a healthcare provider but also as an educator and researcher. Moreover, I was empowered to develop the spirit of inquiry after the enhancement of interdisciplinary cooperation.


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