European Americans and Jewish Heritage

A Brief History of the Cultural Group

  • Offering Europeans to Immigrate
  • The immigration of colonials
  • Undergoing examinations on the Ellis Island
  • The second wave of immigration (Shi & Tindall, 2016)
  • The migration of East-European peoples
  • Populating the East-Coast American territories

A Brief History of the Socio-Cultural Group

  • Inhabiting the USA in the 1700s
  • Racial issues related to identity
  • Social and status division of Jews
  • Organization of civil right movements
  • The role of the Holocaust in America
  • Promotion of the Zionism movement

Values of the Cultural Group

  • Career opportunities for children
  • Freedom of movement (Kivisto, 2014)
  • Various religious practices
  • Financial priorities and benefits
  • With respect to social and religious minorities
  • Moral and ethical principles

Values of the Socio-Cultural Group

  • With respect to the national identity
  • With respect to the national religion
  • With respect to the cultural traditions
  • Financial independence
  • Recognition of the cultural customs
  • Civil and feminist rights

The worldview of the Culture

  • Leadership characters
  • An active pace of life
  • Sharp appearances and outfits (Bryc, Durand, Macpherson, Reich, & Mountain, 2014)
  • A desire to develop
  • A desire to gain authority
  • With respect to others’ opinions

Language and Communicational Patterns of the Cultural Group

  • The circle type of communicational pattern.
  • The chain type of communicational pattern.
  • The wheel type of communicational pattern.
  • The network type of communication pattern.
  • A dominative language.
  • The high importance of tone.

Language and Communicational Patterns of the Socio-Cultural Group

  • High-context society.
  • The importance of well-structured sentences.
  • Sophisticated vocabulary.
  • The importance of grammar.
  • The avoidance of slang phrases.
  • Respectable and not abusive tone.

Art and Other Expressive Forms of the Cultural Groups

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  • Folk music.
  • Aesthetic painting.
  • Craftsmanship (Shi & Tindall, 2016).
  • Distinctive and original cuisine.
  • Majestic styles of architecture.
  • A developed poetry.

Art and Other Expressive Forms of the Socio-Cultural Group

  • A developed folklore.
  • Narratives and legends related to religion.
  • Celebrations of national holidays.
  • Ethnic musical motives.
  • Specific clothing.
  • Religious practices and rituals.

Norms and Rules

  • With respect to the older people.
  • Responsiveness to others’ needs.
  • Conscious behavior in public.
  • Religious beliefs and lifestyle (Kim & Smith, 2016).
  • Gender discrimination.
  • The importance of friendship and relationships.

Lifestyle Characteristics

  • Economic stability
  • Working long hours
  • We are always seeking new opportunities.
  • The high importance of family relationships
  • Trying to keep fit
  • Following a healthy lifestyle

Relationship Patterns

  • Dominant-Submissive patterns in families
  • Respect to parents
  • Respect to friends
  • Avoidance of strangers
  • Dependency on the closest people
  • Inequality among groups of different statuses

Common Rituals

  • Reading
  • Making bets
  • Attending entertaining events
  • Attending theater plays
  • Hunting
  • Participating in political events

Degree of Assimilation from Mainstream Society

  • Concerned with socioeconomic statuses
  • Overcoming language barriers
  • Marriages among people from different societies
  • Geographic distribution (Geddes & Scholten, 2016)
  • Interracial partnerships and friendship
  • A low level of generations’ segregation

Degree of Marginalization from Mainstream Society

  • Promoting national religions.
  • Interracial conflicts.
  • The division into cultural minorities.
  • Limited access to certain resources.
  • Educational privileges.
  • Psychological factors and division into classes.

Health Behaviors and Practices

  • Traditional medicine.
  • The use of drugs.
  • The use of mixtures.
  • The use of alcohol in medicine.
  • The use of Injections.
  • The use of pills.

Differential Approaches Needed by Health Care Professionals for Each Group

  • Sterile equipment.
  • Professional education.
  • Conscious medical services (Shi & Tindall, 2016).
  • Experience.
  • Advantageous situation of medical institutions.
  • Affordable medicaments.


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