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Federal Bureau of Investigation: Criminal Justice


The writer wishes to write about the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a premier internal criminal justice agency in the United States of America.

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Created in the year 1908, as a minor agency called Bureau of Investigation, under the aegis of the Department of Justice (DoJ), its role increased with major responsibilities in aspects of crime detection and law enforcement in the US. It is also entrusted with the duty of ending dissident and politically motivated institutional crimes in American society.

Able stewardship of J. Edward Hoover

Under the able stewardship of its competent director, J. Edward Hoover, who served the FBI for 48 years (1924-1972), the FBI excelled in areas of crime-fighting, law enforcement, and political investigations. Hoover was responsible for transforming the organization into a professional, well-equipped, and competitive anti-criminal force with committed, well-trained operators ready to react to any threat to the internal security of the US, either from within or from outside. To a very large extent, the FBI under Hoover’s leadership paved the way for the future success of this institution.

Besides its fundamental task of protecting American people and property, it is also engaged in “providing leadership and criminal justice services to federal, state, municipal, and international agencies and partners.” (About us- quick facts, n.d.).

Its predominant goals and values

Its main tasks are the protection of lives and properties of the US people and government and thwarting the nemesis of crimes even before it occurs. Besides, it does not look the other way when legal frameworks are broken and constitutional transgressions take place. The FBI is committed to serving the community with personal and institutional honesty, upholding human and community rights, and respecting people and the law. (About us- quick facts, n.d.).

Its values include treating people with fairness, contributing dramatically to the development of societal needs, and providing accountability and leadership in critical areas. Besides, it also seeks to bring criminals and crime-related activities before the due process of law and circumvent crimes, wherever possible within its national borders and its implications with security threats with neighboring countries with whom the US share common borders.

100 years of worthwhile existence

Throughout its glorious 100-year-old life of existence, the operative systems of the FBI have evolved to deal with all kinds of crimes and threats to the internal integrity and sovereignty of the United States. Whether it involves white-collar crimes, mass killing by terrorist outfits, corporate internet crimes, or serial killers on the loose, the FBI has worked to tackle them head-on, without fear or favor. “The Bureau’s success has always depended on its agility, willingness to adapt, and the ongoing dedication of its personnel.” (Today’s FBI facts & figures, 2008-2009, n.d., para.2).

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Changes security scenario after 9/11

However, post 9/11, the FBI has found it necessary to reinvent itself and offer robust yet technologically advanced state-of-the-art anti-crime warfare solutions, considering the heightened security concerns for the nation, and the fact that the enemies are more potent, are well equipped with deadlier weapons of mass destruction, and have wider and deeper criminal networks in crime, than ever before.

The criminals of today’s genre attach no value to their own lives, let alone the lives of their victims, and, given a chance, would never allow themselves to be subjected to the due process of law. Thus, it is necessary to seek pro-active and pre-emptive measures that could suitably address the prevention of crimes and widen the criminal knowledge base, through strong internal security measures and intelligence sharing. Thus, the fundamental goals and motives of FBI in the present context would also be in terms of offering anti-criminal solutions while “acting within clearly defined constitutional, legal, and policy boundaries.” (Today’s FBI facts & figures, 2008-2009, n.d., para.3).


It is necessary for the FBI to keep itself fighting fit and proactive to meet fresh challenges during the 21st century. With enhanced role and responsibilities as the major crime-fighting institution, it needs to address threats, perhaps even of unconventional nature, that could suddenly spring from any quarter, internal or external. The world cannot afford another 9/11, and it is for responsible agencies like the FBI to ensure its nonreoccurrence. For this, it is necessary for FBI to work in tandem with security organizations like Interpol, CIA, and intelligence agencies of the organized policing world in order to “build knowledge and develop insight that will provide early warning, direct operations, create opportunities to further cases, and inform national security policymakers.” (Today’s FBI facts & figures, 2008-2009, n.d., para.3).


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