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FuelSave China Ltd’s Packaging for American Consumers

Fuelsave China Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of energy saving locomotive engine products in the Eastern Chinese town of Xianshou. It prides itself in the production of products that have performed exceedingly well in the Chinese market. Recently, after working on and producing a product they named Ecosave, they conducted some market research and concluded that it could perform positively if introduced in the American market.

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Upon this conclusion, they realized the importance of branding and packaging Ecosave in a way that could appeal to the American consumers. In this regard, they contracted my services to help them in the packaging and branding of Ecosave in a way that could best appeal to the consumers in America. The current paper is a summary of how I plan to help Fuelsave China Limited in its endeavors by introducing a well packaged Ecosave in America, initially in small quantities and later when it is necessary that it ventures into large scale production.

For the best output on the task given, I will consider the following factors in my packaging and printing:

Folding carton packaging

Since the products are consumed in small quantities, there is a need to pack them in small glass bottles to meet the need of affordability and easing the distribution process in the American market. Thus, I recommend that Ecosave be packed in dozens, and then be packed into folded cartons to enhance safety during transportation. The folding cartons should be made of a material that is hard enough to provide safety for the product. This will protect the Ecosave from breakage during loading and offloading given that it has to be shipped from China to the United States. In addition to this, such packaging will encourage clients to buy in significantly larger quantities thereby encouraging sales.

A three color-scheme print

According to the directions of my client, the product has to be printed in three main colors. Following Ecosave’s effectiveness to the environment, and its eco-friendliness, I will choose the color green as the primary packaging color.

In the second section of the carton I will choose the color white. This will denote Ecosave’s effectiveness and all the added advantages that it has to the user. The white color will be intended to pronounce the benefits of using Ecosave on locomotive engines. The color white will also be aimed at encouraging consumers about how safe and conducive the product is to the engine itself among many of its other advantages.

On the last section of the carton, I will choose the color red. This color will act as a caution label for all the users. In as much as the product has many advantages to the user, it is equally dangerous and risky if not well handled. Issues on how explosive it is if exposed to some conditions should be well spelled out in a bright color and it is my opinion that red can best achieve this.

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Appropriate language of description

Ecosave is a ‘Made in China’ product. Since it is venturing into the American, then it should be described in perfect American English, or else it will be a strange product in the American market. To reach an even larger market in the US, there should be reserved some space to describe the product in Chinese. This will address the Chinese clients in the US whom, in the case that they buy it, will add to its sales. The labeling should be large enough to be clearly read by all consumers in the market. The description of the product should be conspicuous and easy to understand. Complex expressions and other jargon should be fully avoided as they may discourage potential buyers of the product.

Packaging quantities

Ecosave is a product whose usage is mostly in small quantities. It is just a compliment to the main source of energy of the locomotive engines. Therefore, it is required that it be packed in small quantities for the consumers’ convenience; most appropriately in 250 ml bottles. This will ease the cost of distribution and the effectiveness of its handling by the consumers. It will equally cut down on the cost of transporting it to America.

Packaging material

Ecosave is a chemical product which in most cases is significantly reactive. For this reason, I will consider glass as my bottling vessel. This will ensure that the product is safe both on the person who handles it and equally to avoid losses due to spillage. Proper packaging will greatly ensure maximum benefits to the consumer and the manufacturer.

I will not consider changing the method of packaging used in small production runs in case the product does well and shifts to a large production run. This is because such a change may demand efforts to market it as a new product thereby hindering its continued positive performance in the market (Klimchuck & Krasovec, 2013). Since the product will have been well understood by the consumers, making changes to the current brand may cause a lot of confusion that may lead to customers taking long to decide on its purchase thereby reducing sales.


Klimchuck, R., & Krasovec, A. (2013). Packaging design: Successful product branding from concept to shelf. Texas: John Wiley and Sons.

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