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Gaming Devices Helping and Rehabilitating Patients

Review of innovative technologies in the health care field

Innovative technologies in the health care field are positively impacting patient care across the world. The overall goal of innovative technologies in the health care industry is to improve patient care outcomes (Chen, 2011; Hannah et al., 2011). For example, gaming systems are being used in the health care industry to rehabilitate patients (Stewart, Hansen & Carey, 2010). The development of technological applications requires sound biological and clinical interpretations as well as applications of other sciences like physics to capture and analyze data. Many innovative technologies in the health care field have been well received because they improve patient care tremendously (Hannah et al., 2011).

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Innovations in their initial stages of market entry

It takes a lot of time before an innovative technology could be developed and introduced into the market. The design and implementation processes are characterized by procedures that validate the applications of various health care technologies (Singh, Mathiassen, Stachura & Astapova, 2010; Hannah et al., 2011). In addition, innovative technologies have to be assessed to evaluate their benefits and challenges. In case an innovative technology has more challenges than benefits, then it is not recommended to be used by patients recovering from various diseases and health conditions. The pace at which an innovative technology enters the market correlates with the benefits it brings to patients. The following innovative technologies are in their initial stages of market entry:

  1. Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  2. Nintendo 64
  3. Wii
  4. Wii U
  5. Game Boy
  6. Virtual Boy
  7. iQue DS
  8. Triforce
  9. Panasonic Q

The selected technology: Wii U

This is a gaming technology that was developed by Nintendo and introduced into the health care field in 2012. The technology is based on the console’s operating system. The game console uses a Wii U GamePad platform with internal storage (random access memory) of 2GB. The technology supports high-definition graphics that are embedded on the touch screen. Patients can use the application to access various online services that are compatible with Wii U games. The innovative technology has the following features:

  1. Social acceptability supported by its design properties
  2. Game design and deployments
  3. Data analytics that supports personalized rehabilitation
  4. Rehabilitation gaming capabilities

Applications of the Wii U innovation technology (benefits and challenges highlighted)

The Wii U innovative technology has many benefits to rehabilitate patients recovering from various conditions including stroke and neuronal disorders, among others. Patients are motivated by the use of innovative technology to improve their health conditions. Motivated patients have been shown to have better rates of rehabilitating than those who are not motivated (Hannah et al., 2011). The health care technology for rehabilitating patients has reduced medical costs compared to the conventional approaches used in rehabilitation. In addition, the technology allows online remote data access, and this helps patients to use the technology in diverse environments.

However, innovative technology has some challenges. First, the technology could be underutilized due to limited computer knowledge on the part of therapists and patients. Second, the technology’s purchase price could not be afforded by many patients who could need it. Third, the technology could lack support infrastructure, and this could limit its applications.

Appraisal of the potential of the innovative technology

The technology has yielded positive results for various conditions that characterize rehabilitating patients. The innovation has the potential to increase the number of successfully rehabilitating patients across the world. The benefits of the technology would increase in the future when the cost of the equipment reduces so that more patients would afford it. More accessibility and usability would imply that patients would have improved health care outcomes (Hannah et al., 2011).


Chen, M. H. (2011). Therapeutic benefit of preventive telehealth counseling in the Community Outreach Heart Health and Risk Reduction Trial. The American journal of cardiology, 107(5), 690-696.

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