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Georgia State Capitol as a Public Agency

Georgia has a total of 158 public agencies all over itself. One of the very important public agencies of Georgia is “Georgia Department of Family and Children’s Services” (Russell 2006). This is a federal level industry and it has undergone a sea of change in the last 25 years. Most of the people who are living in Georgia have experienced with the department and it also comes to the news a number of times due to the nature of its work. Being one of the most important public agencies of Georgia, this is one of the most consistent customer service providers throughout Georgia.

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The agency provides different kinds of services towards the society. As the name of the agency suggests, it basically deals with the family and child based problems. Both of the terms have real broad aspects in all the cases. To discuss about the working of the agency we have to discuss the job of the agency in two different parts, at first family and then children (Anderson 2008).

In the sphere of family the agency looks into several different issues, like health care, disability and mental health problems. It records all the names of the people who live there, what are the number of seniors and minors in the state and the sex ratio of the area. This department has to keep all the vital records, like housing records, driving records and other important records related to the society (Russell 2006).

The second part of the agency is the children’s section. This is also a very important public office in the aspect of public administration. There are a number of functions in the department. The department looks into all the child related matters; from providing birth certificate, the details of adopting a child, the department does it all. In recent times a lot of divorce and other cases are happening which directly effects on the psyche of the child. Georgia has its own share of problems. The department also has a number of counselors who help the children during the troubled times (Anderson 2008).

The department has undergone a lot of changes in the last 25 odd years. Most importantly they have upgraded all of their operations into online databases. It has developed the service into more users friendly and this has increased the involvement of the people too. It is also timesaving and it also saves a lot of effort. In all the spheres of public administration huge changes are coming and these changes are surely going to make some healthy changes in the system (Anderson 2008).

In the next 25 years, there will be huge changes in the information technology sphere and this will be a massive advantage for both the people and the administrators. This will make the administrative process more and more interactive which will be really helpful. Other than that, with the introduction of user friendly technologies, the Government sectors will have a really good impact on both the parties (Russell 2006).

Public administration is one of the most important aspects of the Government. It helps the people to lead a proper life under the government. The state of Georgia has succeeded in this aspect in a very important way and their public administration processes are one of the best lessons in the United States public administration.

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