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Harm Inflicted by COVID-19 and Aplomado Falcons

Stating the Problem

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on all areas of society due to the global lockdown.
  • Quarantine measures led to changes not only in the private life of people but also in the economic sphere.
  • Many global economies are currently in recession, and their volume declined by about 4.4% in 2020 (Jones, Palumbo & Brown, 2021).
  • In particular, the decline in economic and industrial activity has resulted in many people losing their jobs.
  • Thus, economic recovery in many countries will take a long time, especially due to the need for vaccine distribution and increased healthcare costs.
  • However, reduction in human activity has a positive effect on birds, which often suffer from noise and light pollution.

Economical Harm Inflicted by COVID-19

  • The global lockdown led to a reduction in consumption and production volumes, which led many companies to losses.
  • The service sector and tourism have been hit hardest, and it will take them until 2025 to return to the pre-pandemic level (Jones, Palumbo & Brown, 2021).
  • The consumption of many goods also decreased since many people did not feel the need for them without leaving their homes.
  • Many people have switched to online shopping, which has significantly reduced the number of visitors to physical stores.

Aplomado Falcon Standpoints

  • People have begun to go outside less often and use cars less frequently, which reduces the noise and light pollution levels which fill their cities (“Noise and light pollution,” 2020).
  • People shop less and purchase fewer goods, which forces them to use less packaging, which then could contaminate animal habitats.
  • During a pandemic, people less frequently go to nature, in particular to forests, where they used to disturb birds and other inhabitants with their activity.
  • Humans can no longer use airplanes, the sound and lights of which often frighten birds and can also cause physical harm to them (“Noise and light pollution,” 2020).
  • Perhaps a pandemic can teach people to consume wisely and use fewer resources for production.

Opposing Standpoint (Concession)

  • People need infrastructure to maintain, so noise and light pollution is an integral part of cities and civilization.
  • The production of goods is not always negative; for example, people need medicines and food, which also requires a developed economy.
  • Restricting the tourism business can hit the least developed areas hard and put people in distress.
  • The problem of pollution of the planet inspires people to develop more sustainable packaging and manufacturing, while reduced consumption can slow this process.

The conversation

Aplomado falcon: Finally, we can rest from the noise and light which people create. We cannot nest on time and breed healthy offspring, which harms our population.

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Respondent: However, people cannot live without infrastructure as birds do; we need electricity and various noisy mechanisms.

Aplomado falcon: People often come to our forest and scare us with their screams. Moreover, they leave trash behind and sometimes cause forest fires. As long as people stay at home, we are safe.

Respondent: People observe bird populations and often feed you when you have a shortage. In addition, many species of animals have been saved from extinction due to people and their scientific activity.

Aplomado falcon: The planes are noisy and massive, and they cause so much anxiety and stress to birds. Moreover, we often get into turbines and die, which is also a problem for us.

Respondent: Restricting flights and tourism can negatively affect entire countries. Some of the world’s economies are built solely on tourism, which can result in population poverty.

How Understanding Expanded

  • Noise and light pollution negatively affects birds and their health, but it decreased during the pandemic.
  • Reduced consumption and production can result in less waste, which will also help restore natural habitats.
  • The economic recovery, especially in the tourism sector, will take a significant amount of time.
  • Lockdown allows animals to feel stress-free as people visit their habitats less often.


Jones, L., Palumbo, D., & Brown, D. (2021). Coronavirus: How the pandemic has changed the world economy. Web.

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Noise and light pollution affect breeding habits in birds. (2020). National Science Foundation. Web.

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