Hotel Management. The Gumshoe Hotel.

The Gumshoe Hotel situated near the Kensington Gardens in the city of London, Great Britain welcomes its new visitors for its long-awaited re-opening which is to take place in 4 weeks. Our 50-room hotel offers wide opportunities for life and rest such as a spa, a pool, a gum, a pub and 2 restaurants. Moreover, there are 5 suites in the hotel and you are welcome to enjoy the theme of our place – detective stories that will keep you interested during the whole period of time you will spend at ours.

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First of all, we are planning to carry out various role games with the participation of hotel guests that will be based upon the famous detective stories by Agatha Christie and other detective writers. Furthermore, there will be games and tests for our guests, during which they will have an opportunity to win prizes such as free dinners at our hotel, discounts for rooms, etc. We recommend you to hurry up because 83% of rooms are already booked and new guests are calling to book a room at the moment (Zbaracki, 1998, p. 602).

Needless to say that our hotel is situated in a place that attracts lots of people from all over the world every year. That is why, the picturesque hills of Kensington Gardens, museums, the Tower of London and famous British double-decker buses will make the time you spend in our hotel unforgettable. London, the capital of the United Kingdom is a historical and cultural centre of the country, so you will be impressed by the rich cultural heritage of the British nation that you can see here (Brydon, 2006, p. 489) Excursions in the British Museum, art galleries, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus will please you artistic tastes (Reed, 2002, p. 127), and access to the financial buildings of the City will allow you to set all your business and compare the pleasant with the useful while you live in The Gumshoe.


Kensington Gardens

The main attraction of the Gumshoe hotel, of course after its perfect service quality and 5-star level, is that it lies close to the Kensington Gardens in London. Kensington is an area situated in the very heart of London near the City of Westminster. It presents the richest part of the cultural heritage of Great Britain (Stott, 2000. p. 53).

The Kensington Gardens were founded in 1728 – 1738 by two famous architects of that epoch Henry Wise and Charles Bridgeman. According to the legend, the price of all the beauties of the Kensington Gardens was “a Crown”, as the Prime-Minister answered the King George III when he inquired about it. And such a price is accurate if you visit our hotel and attend Kensington as a part of your rest (Heffernan, 2002, p. 207).

The famous Round Pond, Dutch Garden lying in the deep of Kensington and, of course the world-wide known Serpentine, or “Long Waters” will not let you be bored in Kensington (Tompsett, 2005, p. 43). Your outlook of the world and the overall impression about the British culture will be greatly enriched if you visit the so called Italian Garden in the north-western part of Kensington. This Garden consists of four luxurious fountains and numerous pieces of the classical sculpture (Stott, 2000, p. 53).

Moreover, the features you have to see with your own eyes are the Serpentine Bridge, the Albert Memorial, West Carriage Drive and the famous statue of Peter Pan. The Kensington Gardens, earlier considered as the part of Hyde Park, are nowadays called to be the “brain” of London because lots of observatories, Kensington Gallery and museum are situated here and are the place of gathering of the smartest people in London (Tompsett, 2005, p. 43).

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