Implementing Change Despite Resistance

In order to improve the condition of those patients who suffer from pressure ulcers, healthcare systems should consider the necessity to change the way they provide care to those individuals who are at risk of having this issue. Moreover, treatment options should be improved. In particular, enhancement is expected from the creation of a special team of professionals who will focus on the mentioned problems. However, there is a possibility that the process of change implementation will face a range of obstacles that will have an adverse influence on the success of the whole project.

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Previous Habits

Nurses are those professionals who belong to a new team and are the first to contact a patient. The greatest part of the provided care is managed by them. Unfortunately, those nurses who already have much experience in the sphere may resist the offered change because they consider the way they used to operate to be the most appropriate one. Being accustomed to particular behaviors, they may reveal their unwillingness to start working in a new team as they will feel uncomfortable. In addition to that, they may think that this change will lead to increased workloads. In order to lessen the resistance, it is significant to educate nurses regarding new interventions. Understanding why this change is needed and knowing how it will affect their duties, nurses are likely to develop a more positive perception of it.


Not only nurses but all stakeholders should be involved in planning so that they can affect associated processes. In this way, opposition to change will be reduced because professionals will shape its implementation so that it meets their requirements and expectations. Of course, they should not be the ones who shape the whole process because expected outcomes may be not achieved in this case. Nevertheless, understanding that they are valued and their ideas are taken into consideration, professionals become less likely to oppose alterations.


It is also possible that older professionals who have already worked with numerous patients who suffered from pressure ulcers will have doubts regarding the implementation of the discussed change. They may believe that the use of special teams is not the best possible option. However, they can be reassured in the ways discussed previously: education and involvement in planning.


The hospital leadership may refuse to support the project even though other professionals accept it because of associated expenses. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to move forward in this case. Thus, researchers should gather data from similar studies and analyze current situation observed in the hospital to prove that the desired change will not lead the organization to bankruptcy, affecting its capability to operate further. Professionals may refuse to accept the change if they have uncertain roles and believe that much time will be spent to implement the project. Additional education and guidelines can be used to alter their minds.


Thus, it can be concluded that the creation of special teams targeted at treating patients with pressure ulcers is a change that is likely to improve people’s health outcomes. However, it can face numerous various issues associated with personnel’s unwillingness to accept this alteration. Fortunately, education, involvement in planning, and provision of related evidence-based data can lessen this resistance and make all stakeholders realize why this very change is needed and how it can benefit everyone.

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