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Information Systems and Technologies Careers

The job searching website Indeed Jobs offers a very wide array of work options within the area of information technology including specializations such as IT support, information technology specialist, desktop support analyst, and customer service within the area of information systems (Indeed, n.d.). The skill sets that are the most in-demand on this site include abilities to communicate technical support via phone, be knowledgeable about business products, services, and functions, troubleshoot customer issues, and be able to prioritize and time-manage workloads in ways that are the most effective. The technical skills include knowledge of firm-specific technicalities, network knowledge, and EDI troubleshooting skills. Dice is a website with a more specialized direction for jobs within the tech industry, as such, the offered employment is usually more specific but allows for broader self-management (Dice, n.d.). Some options include IT system administrators, hospital information support, information systems project managers, and IT infrastructure officers. The skill sets necessary from the technical side include experience with databases, networks, and system administration. The employee should be able to manage HPCC and high-performance file systems as well as the ability to script automation tools. Flexjobs is another website for employment searches that was chosen as it specializes in finding work that is remote and is an interesting contrast to the previous websites (Flexjobs, n.d.). This website has a high demand for market-specific jobs such as human resources information system specialists, risk management technical consultants, and clinical system managers.

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Outside the foundational skills of working in information systems, employees are encouraged to take initiative in reporting system issues, recording notes concerning certain procedures, and finding ways in which the systems could be utilized more efficiently. As mentioned previously, the time management of information system tasks is essential, but timely completion of other tasks including organization, communication, and preparation is also very beneficial. More leadership positions, such as those found on Dice, also suggest that employees show tech-directed initiative by finding and evaluating future technologies for the firm or their department. Project management positions value an employee’s ability to implement and run information systems specifically tailored for the process of project creation. Security-oriented jobs require a much more refined skill set, often including the ability for a candidate to work with FedRAMP, Risk Management Frameworks, FISMA, NIST controls, and SA&A processes. Their ability to understand, enforce, and follow security policy is also essential. Certain skill sets can be proved by attaining certification, such as for the position of a hospital information systems support technician, which can require college or technical school level degrees, A+, CNA, or Network+ certification, and degrees for either a help desk analyst or field service technician. Flexjobs has similar requirements to other websites but offers more variety in employee experience and tasks. HR information specialists would perform most technical tasks as well as be able to design, troubleshoot, and maintain HRIS, HR applications, and tools. Instructor positions would require candidates to have some sort of pedagogic experience or training before they begin work.

According to the job qualifications on Indeed, a successful information systems employee can be identified by their skill set, educational background, professional experience, and ability to adapt to emerging technology and methods. Most offers on the website suggest a minimum of two to one year of work experience as well as a bachelor’s degree for more IT work while high school diplomas are accepted for an assistant or support positions. Outside the technical skills, employers are also looking for candidates that can work in a team and independently, formulate concise reports, and sometimes train new employees. Positions found on Dice have a preference for more technical positions which frequently require longer work experience, such as four years, as well as evidence of the ability to formulate the development and implementation of IT strategies. Because Flexjobs offers many remote positions, many of the positions see good information specialists as being able to work independently according to a present or company schedule without supervision. They are also expected to be self-reliant problem solvers and the requirements for workplace relationships are less demanding as much of the communication will happen within online spaces.

The jobs that can be found online for information system specialists vary between each offer and between the websites on which they are hosted. The primary factors that influence the work options include the necessary level of expertise, remote or office work, specializations of work, and necessary certification. Indeed offers a general overview of the kind of jobs that exist within the sphere of information technologies at the moment. However, some offers require high qualifications but are more generalized. Dice shows much more specialized offers which prefer higher qualifications and more extensive work experience. Flexjobs is the most accessible platform for those with little experience or certification as the website offers many positions that only require a high school diploma and minimal work experience while the tasks are more generalized. Despite this, the foundational skill sets required are similar on all websites with slight differences depending on any specializations such as HR, security, or clinical databases.


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