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Information Technology Implementation in Healthcare

The coronavirus pandemic has shown how fragile the global healthcare system is. During sustained waves, several patients were often in serious condition, per one nurse. In this context, it would be reasonable to introduce an adaptive system based on the work of the artificial intellect. The main task is to assist in identifying potentially severe patients based on a global database. The implementation of the software will proceed in several consequent phases.

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According to Raza, COVID-19 disease spread at lightning speed, although people keep social distance, quarantine, and other preventive measures (2020). In the first stage, all the necessary information about the current software will be gathered. The next phase will be an update of existing software to the new one; then, all the staff will be informed about the details of the program. In the third stage, the task force group to control new software work will be created and trained.

This program should be implemented at the legislative level as, for example, an addition to the FDA or HIPAA. In the United States, the FDA determines specific product categories (Paciffci & Bain, 2018). Therefore, it has access to all related organizations as a supervisory body. According to HIPAA, all personal information about patients should be protected and be stored in a safe. Thereby, new software uses secure servers, which leads only medical personnel to have access to data.

In addition to HIPAA, there is also Part 2 of CFR 42, which provides more confidential security for patients receiving treatment through the “Part 2 Program“. It formulates maximum priority to the safety of the personal information of drugs receiving patients, so it is worked out on all program levels. Since this software is highly demanded, it has a high ROI level, according to the stakeholder plan. All the aspects of the delivery chain, cooperation with other organizations, and key stakeholders imply beneficial collaboration.

Consequently, the program will also help assist the territorial analysis of diseases. Any natural disaster, in this case, a coronavirus pandemic, needs to be analyzed in the context of the geographical situation (Raza, 2020). Thus, the software can gather information about wherever there are most cases and recommend how to deal with certain regions. It would be helpful to know in the context of resource distribution. As one can notice, the software would be a possible solution to the overload healthcare system.


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