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Landlord’s Reflection on Landlord’s Problems

In 1776, we faced a new beginning in our politics and governmental structure. My name is John Snow, I own 30-acre potato plantations in California, and the past month’s events have brought considerable changes in our lives. As the result of the revolutionary convention of North Carolina, congress vote for independence separating 13 states from the Great Britain Empire. The next course of events leads to our freedom from Great Britain, and clearly, the course of action is still unclear. Everyone is worried about the future in different terms; some say that we will create democracy, making America the world’s supreme power.

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Someone says that we will not survive without European support. Honestly, I do not care about this situation; the only thing I worry about is the possibility of war between Great Britain and America. If the fight starts, it will destroy my business, restricting the opportunity to ship my goods to Europe. I try not to think about this a lot, as it hurts my stomach, but recently I found two brochures stating two opposite things.

I get confused by choosing the side, anyway I prefer those which won’t ruin my business. Inglis (1776) seems to act aggressively, denying the bright future without King’s support. He says that the model of democracy is flawed, and any attempt to introduce it in society is failed (Inglis, 1776).

I read that he said that those who support “poisoned by destructive ideas” and “The independency of America would, in the end, deprive her of the West Indies, shake her empire to the foundation, and reduce her to a state of the most mortifying insignificance.” I think that he is too dramatic in expressing his position; nevertheless, it is undoubtedly true that without protecting the power of that degree, we lost our influence. However, the government controlled every aspect, King’s protection provided us with a stable trade pattern. Now, when the situation is unclear, our plates could be the victim of pirates.

On the other hand, Paine (1776) is optimistic regarding the independence of America. He says that we finally suffered by avoiding the pressure and tyranny of the government (Paine, 1776). Paine (1776) claims that our bright future is a success will reach that degree, so “that America would have flourished as much, and probably much more, had no European power taken any notice of her.” Moreover, Paine (1776) keeps talking that America could lose its trade with other countries due to the aggressive politics of Great Britain. In this sense, the situation and other Americans could be troublesome as my business relies on the trade. Paine (1776) declares that America would become more powerful than any other country in the world. His positive attitude is directed to the trade as well.

For me, the situation seems highly confusing, and only God knows what will happen next. This state of uncertainty is not beneficial for my occupation. I planned to expand my lands and introduce new plantations; however, I do not know further action. Both Paine and Inglis are dramatic and too overwhelmed about this issue, presenting their argumentative point of view. I hope Paine was right and America will prosper and obtain great power. Unfortunately, trade depends on politics to a great extent. So, if independent America will ruin its relationship with Europe and other powerful states, it will affect the market.


Inglis, C. (1776). The deceiver unmasked…in answer to a pamphlet. In Common Sense.

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Paine, T. (1776). Document 1. In Common Sense.

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