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Legal and Ethical Implications of the Debate


To begin with, it is necessary to mention that all the necessary implications by the DWI and FCC may be regarded as the confrontation on the basis of competition in the telecommunication sphere. Originally, the solution to the problem of these debates should take into account the offered changes in the FCC legislation which will further stop the regulation of mass media and the telecommunication sphere. The central concern of the problem is that DWI, Inc. should exercise caution in maintaining these changes and they should abstain from endorsing the offered legislation.

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The legal implications of the ongoing debate are closely linked with the main activities of the DWI Inc. These are:

  • Environment: Water and water treatment, waste management;
  • Oil & Energy: Exploration, production, transport, refining, wholesale marketing, alternative fuels research;
  • Communications: Telecommunications, Internet, audiovisual activities, publishing, and multimedia;
  • Leisure & Recreation: Hotels, casinos, cruise ships;
  • Real Estate: Builds homes and manages properties in active adult, age-restricted communities;
  • Financial: Brokerage for capital market investments in Russia, Eastern Europe, China, and emerging markets;
  • Manufacturing: Produces, distributes, markets, exports, and imports spirits and wines.

These activities are associated with the necessity of having media powers controlled. It is argued that neither free TV nor paid (commercial) should be controlled, as it causes prejudices, list-of-topics, commitment, and other factors that make mass media and the telecommunication sphere controlled and subjective. Legally, these issues are not regulated, and the freedom of speech grants the freedom of telecommunications and mass media. Consequently, the innovations by FCC can not be regarded as legal. On the other hand, the audience has the right to get unprejudiced and objective information on any subject.

Ethical issue

The ethical issue of this problem is based on the inevitability of commitment in the case of TV regulation. It is generally known that prejudiced information is often not honest; consequently, this information violates the rights of the audience. Thus, ethical issues are closely linked with legal matters of the debate.

As for the benefits which DWI may have after the changes will be allowed, it is necessary to mention that it fully depends on DWI itself. If the company has nothing to conceal, the abolition of TV regulation would cause the flow of correct information, and, on the background of the impossibility to provide committed data, will be more trustful. If there are some facts that should be concealed and never published, the reputation of DWI may be endangered. Anyway, DWI should be cautious, as the flow of unregulated information, published in mass media may contain any hidden “bomb”. So, it is necessary to emphasize that the consequences are double-sided: on the one hand, they may be beneficial, on the other, they may cause harm. Originally, few depend on DWI Inc, as the sources of information in the unregulated mass media may be different.


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