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Managed Services and Their Advantages, Managed Service Providers

Managed services is an arrangement whereby an organization contracts external vendors to assist in handling their day-to-day information technology (IT) applications. The external vendors are also called managed service providers (MSPs). The MSP is tasked with delivering services that entail managing the organization’s networks, applications, IT setup and security. The MSP provides the services through ongoing and regular support, including vigorous operation on client’s premises. The operation can be conducted in the MSP’s data epicenter, or can be hosted in a third-party’s data center. The MSP may choose to offer their specific inherent services along with other providers’ services. For instance, an MSP providing security and administration services can also offer third-party cloud IaaS. MSPs offering their inherent services are called pure-play MSPs. In general, majority of the MSPs prefer to offer integrated services from other providers (What are Managed Security Services? Why Organizations Hire Managed Security Service Providers, 2018). The services provided by MSPs have, therefore, grown from traditional setup or device-centric kind of services to incorporate uninterrupted and consistent management, repairs and maintenance of the client’s systems and applications.

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The concept of managed services has evolved from the ordinary break-fix services. The services entailed the client calling an IT professional to come and fix their systems once they broke down and/or failed to perform as required. However, the practice proved quite challenging due to missed system back-ups as well as constant accumulation of errors. The on-site operators also lacked sufficient knowledge to address the arising problems comprehensively, they merely massaged the symptoms instead of dealing with the real challenges. Faced with these circumstances, the IT experts felt the urge to develop innovative ways of being able to identify the problems as soon as they occurred. The services proved quite beneficial to the large corporations that could afford them. The practice has evolved overtime to include programs that can be afforded by small businesses (Understanding Managed Services, 2019). The systems put in place by the MSPs must be able to send an alert to the MSP once a risk or problem occurs. The alert is mainly activated for important risks or problems for Padgett-Beale that need to be addressed immediately.

Today, many organizations, either big or small, prefer to use managed services due to the various advantages offered through such an arrangement. Businesses desire to have in place IT systems that operate effectively and efficiently. However, with constant development of IT, there needs to be a way of ensuring the systems need to be improved and function in the best way possible. MSPs usually provide round-the-clock monitoring of the client’s systems (Nolfi, 2020). The 24 hour monitoring offers businesses an extra sense of security and safety.

Another key issue of concern, particularly for Padgett-Beale, is the cost of managed services. Kumar (2018) states that managed services cost less compared to the conventional break-fix services considering the break-down time and are more efficient. MSPs provide remote monitoring and maintenance through which they can detect and resolve major issues compared to break-fix operators who have to board their trucks to visit the client thereby wasting time in the process. Thus, the MSPs are better placed to deliver better services at no extra cost. In general, MSPs cost of managed services is based on a flat monthly rate. The charges are basically on the managed services to be provided and the number of devices. Moreover, different levels attract different rates. MSPs may charge an extra fee for providing Padgett-Beale with on-site support.

In recent times, security of systems is vital due to the constant threat arising from cyber-security issues and concerns. Cyber-security refers to the various protocols that Padgett-Beale follows to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. However, the protocols are threatened by cyber-attacks that frequently occur especially in the current business environment. Cyber-attacks evolve very fast and one threat is usually followed by another threat. If Padgett-Beale lacks the appropriate security outfit and means to keep up with changing threats, it may be difficult to address the threats as they rise and recuperating from cyber-attacks too late can chomp extensive resources. Examples of threatening cyber-attacks include malware and ransomware. Malware entails a mischievous software that is created to mete out harm on mobile and computer devices by manipulating the devices or the data contained in the devices, with no the consent of their owners (Mangat, 2021). Ransomware is also a destructive software which is simply intended to lock and encrypt a victim’s device or data, after which the perpetrator demands a money to reinstate right of use.


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