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Merck COVID Pill: Molnupiravir

These days, when the whole world is in an unprecedented situation, Merck is doing everything possible to help people fight against the virus. The new drug of the company called Molnupiravir, unlike vaccines, disrupts viral replication rather than encouraging the body’s immune response. Molnupiravir can also be taken at home, unlike other treatment options for Covid-19.

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The article shows both sides of the situation and sheds light on the new pill. On the one side, the new pill by Merck can positively influence the situation. According to the article, people are more eager to take medicine rather than get vaccinated (Hollingsworth, 2021). This means people will have more options and will be protected. On the other hand, this exact situation has negative aspects. Despite the pill’s promising properties, some experts worry that it may become a vaccine substitute, which remains the best protection. What is more, history may repeat itself with wealthier countries buying up the whole stock of pills, leaving lower-income countries with nothing.

Nevertheless, the article misses some bits of the information which could be helpful. First, the article does not indicate the age of the people who can take the new pill. In the situation with the Covid-19 vaccine, there are groups of people who cannot get vaccinated due to their age. Second, the article misses the information about the compatibility of the pill with various health conditions. In some situations, people with different conditions may have negative reactions to drugs.

The choice of words facilitates the understanding of the text. The author uses simple constructions and words, which helps in the formation of the opinion. On the one hand, the writer uses uncomplicated words to describe the new drug and its positive aspects. On the other hand, the author uses words such as “inequality,” “issue,” and “problem,” which bring awareness to the situation (Hollingsworth, para.39, 2021). The words also try to concentrate on the disadvantaged position of many lower-income countries in Asia.

Hence, the new drug Molnupiravir can make a breakthrough and save many lives. However, the question is whether lower-income countries will be able to get the drug. The problem lies within the power of wealthy countries, which control the distributions and prices. This is the situation of being either selfish or selfless.


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