Modern and Traditional Moral Political Philosophies

Worthy Future

For a Great Nation

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Consolidated America is a voluntary union of American citizens whose main aim is to provide a well-deserved life to the current and future generations of Americans. We are building a society of people assured and confident in their future, engraining the psychology of personal success, as well as historical success of nation as a whole.

Independent autonomous rapid rebirth of out country indicates its great potential strength huge constructive possibilities of our people. Today America is in possession of all possibilities for realization of its competitive advantage – unique blend of intellectual potential and natural resource base.

All chances for a new bound forward are at America’s disposal.

We have a leader and a well-consolidated social power. The party of Consolidated America is a reliable political support for our leader Robert J. Thompson.

The main reserves of our nation are not just in its economy, but also in its spiritually-ethical potential of American people with multinational background. We shall achieve significant increase of support to culture as a whole, and also backing of every talented person, whose giftedness must be fully discovered and called for.

We will promote celebration of diversity and implement multiple language programs in communities with different ethnical background.

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The best maturity indicator for a civil society is attitude towards own cultural heritage. Some of our projects include renovation of historical and cultural memorials.

Party of American Liberal Democrats

America’s Tomorrow is With Us.

Make a Right Choice!


PALD is today’s only real party in America!

We are often asked the same question: what did PALD give to the country since it was formed?

Today many are talking about liberalism. It means free development of the society. PALD is the first party that had indicated its adherence to liberalism even in its name – Party of American Liberal Democrats back in 1989. All the others who are talking about liberalism have maturated only now.

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But WE were the first ones.

Another popular phenomenon these days is patriotism. Back in 1991 our candidate had made a statement about patriotism as being the basis of our ideology. We have to learn to love America, and its main nationality – the Americans. The American people must hold the whole country together. They are everywhere and they have created everything.

PALD is a team of democratic patriots. We stand for freedom, but freedom must not turn into anarchy. Some consider freedom as taking a firearm and shooting, but such liberation ends with severe casualties.

We are almost 20 years old and we have a precise economical program, foreign policy, as well as education and healthcare policy.

We will emphasize the development of English language, which will supply unity of cultural and informational fields within the country, as well as advance its ideas abroad.

Take a closer look, there are over 500 000 of our members. WE are a team!

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