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Nevus Laser Removal: Mini Business Plan

Executive summary

Working with Cosmetic and Breast Reconstruction patients, I deal with surgical procedures that often make patients feel depressed because of the risk they should undertake. Though our company adheres to the principles of safety and quality of healthcare delivery, our nurse personnel is constantly striving to introduce innovative technologies and approaches to establishing a favorable and safe environment. In addition, the introduction of collaborative approaches has significantly contributed to the overall situation within our medical community.

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General description of mission and vision

The main purpose of our Reconstruction center is to invest new ethical and cultural philosophies while treating our patients. With the rise of cultural diversity issues, as well as the globalization process, patients’ cultural and social background should be taken into the deepest consideration.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Application of collaborative approaches to treating patients is one of the major strengths of our health care center. In addition, our nurses do not only introduce new modes of patients’ therapy, but also share new methods with each other to contribute to a more effective accommodation of effective reforms. However, much work should be done on the improvement of technical maintenance. In particular, the introduction of laser equipment can infuse a new revenue stream to the development of our center.

Major Challenges

Adherence to a specific code often prevents the nurse staff from being open to innovation and technological development. There is often a difficulty concerning the implementation of advanced software and equipment.

Program Overview

Introduction of laser machine implies a number of changes to the activities held at our hospital. Its major essence lies in preventing the surgical intrusion in cases when the patients need insignificant cosmetic corrections. The program can turn out to be quite cost-effective due to a great number of benefits it impels. Additionally, the new program will introduce changes to the schedule of our personnel because the services will be carrying out in our hospital.

Services to be Introduced

There should be a specialized room equipped with all necessary devices, the assigned staff, new principles and rules, and re-training course. Though many chances should be implemented, this program will certainly be reimbursed.

Benefits and Main Features

Laser removal of nevi presets a plethora of benefits. Being as a non-surgical option, the procedures provide patients with less risky intrusion. As a result, our policy of safety and quality of delivery is significantly enhanced (Alster and Luton, 2001). Second, laser removal of nevi has much more advantages in terms of aesthetic appearance because laser rays have a less effect on skin (Marghoob, Borrego, and Halpern, 2007, p. 232). Leaving almost no scars, this procedure is also less painful and, as a result, patients undertake less stress.

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Additional Staff

With the implementation of new laser equipment, there should be a well-educated staff that can professionally work with these technologies. In particular, our program plan involves the introduction of Q-switched lasers because it is the most revolutionized in treating different types of nevi, including nevus of Ota, melanocytic nevi, and melasma (Nouri, 2011, p. 72). In this respect, the new medical staff should be able to handle this device professionally. In particular, there should be two surgeons specializing in laser surgery and at least two nurses who would assist the doctors in carrying out specific procedures.

Financial Projections

Owing to the fact that laser equipment is applicable to removing diverse types of nevi, it will have high demand among the patient because the problem of nevus removal is heavily discussed (Berlien and Muller, 2003). The expenditures for the equipment will be quickly reimbursed. In addition, attracting investment will not be problematic because laser equipment is a new concept on the marketing arena that has rapidly received popularity.

Start up Expenses

Laser equipment – $ 30 000

Re-training the personnel – $ 10 000

Employing the new staff – $ 40 000

Capital Expenditures – $ 15 000

Promotion $ 2 000

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Expected Revenue

Year 1 – $ 60 000

Year 2 – $ 120 000

Year 3 – $ 200 000

Expected Profit

Year 1 – $ 40 000

Year 2 – $ 60 000

Year 3 – $ 80 000


Health care industry should constantly develop to meet the changing needs of patients. With the rise of globalization and technological advancement, this public section is also heavily influenced on the presented shifts. In particular, more and more concerns arise concerning safety and quality of provided services that should be update continuously to sustain a competitive edge and ensure the patients in the safety of medical environment. Information exchange also requires that the nursing staff should be open to changes as well. In this regard, the newly presented program is a new stream at out reconstruction center because it favors the quality of services and the professionalism of the medical personnel. Our project is both a multi-faceted concept and beneficial venture that will certainly be in high demand among the patients.


Alster, T. S., and Luton, R. (2001). Laser Therapy for Cutaneous Hyperpigmentation and Pigmented Lesions. Dermatological Therapy. 14(1), 46-54.

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