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OfficeMax Business Report


Office supplies are essential for many people, especially in the areas next to offices, business centers, and schools (Hofenk et al., 2019). The office supplies business belongs to the most common companies which are entirely identical everywhere. The corporations existing in various locations share exact similar supplies and operate more or less the same. OfficeMax is an office supplies store intended to be located next to a university targeting the students and lecturers as their primary market. The office supplies retail store will sell both goods and services to the university students as the primary customers. The specialization is meant to be flexible and might change based on various factors (Hofenk et al., 2019). For instance, the quantity and the prices of the goods and services might depend on the demand and supplies of the products offered.

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OfficeMax Goods

The choice of products to be supplied by OfficeMax is based on the market demand and expectations. The variety of goods is also based on the kind of market targeted by the company. The product prices are to be set following the demand and supply level of the products (Hofenk et al., 2019). As the chosen location is next to a university, the primary target customers are students and lecturers. Therefore, the prices should be set to meet the students’ financial level, while at the same time satisfying their needs. The product list to offer at the OfficeMax includes;

Model number Product description Price
001 Computer laptops $300
002 Desk organizers $5
003 Whiteboard $50
004 Writing tools $2
005 Printers $200
006 Clip papers $5
007 Files and folders $1
008 Envelops $0.5
009 Calendars $1
010 Glue and tapes $5

Services Offered

Taking into account that OfficeMax is to be located next to a university, the primary customers are expected to be from the university, including the students, lecturers, and other university staff. Because of choosing students as the target market, the services offered are meant to facilitate their learning activities. OfficeMax intends to provide printing, photocopying services, and scanning services. The modern learning process is technology-based. Therefore, the corporation plans to offer technical assistance and computer services.

Service Employee Price
Printing and photocopying services; OfficeMax is to offer services to students who print notes, handouts, and assignments. Sales manager $0.2
Technology assistance and computer services; as the retail shop intends to offer cartridge refiling to the students and the school staff. Computer specialists $5
Scanning Sales $1
Faxing Sales $1
Catalogue sales Sales $1
Selling the office supplies Sales $20


The OfficeMax retail shop will need enough employees to help provide the services to the students and lecturers, who are the primary targeted market. The customers are likely to overflow at times, especially when the students are printing out their assignments or class handouts. The services to be offered by OfficeMax do not require much experience or even exceptional skills.

Number First Name Last Name Address Salary Position
1 Jack Brian 001 $1500 Manager
2 Clifford Kombleszt 006 $800 Supervisor
3 Diana Brandley 007 $600 Financial manager
4 Felix Morgan 002 $550 Sales manager
5 Harrison Beker 003 $650 Computer specialist
6 Madison Mount 005 $300 Sales
7 Ali Musa 008 $300 Delivery
8 Keziah Kein 009 $300 Secretary
9 Monica Brex 011 $350 Customer care
10 Virginia Fold 010 $300 Cook


Hofenk, D., van Birgelen, M., Bloemer, J., & Semeijn, J. (2019). How and when retailers’ sustainability efforts translate into positive consumer responses: the interplay between personal and social factors. Journal of Business Ethics, 156(2), 473-492.

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