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Physical Diagnosis and Solving Problems

The ability to solve problems is of great importance to human beings. When a human being is born, he/she is taken through a comprehensive training to enable him/her to solve problems. The ability to solve problems can be of benefit to individuals, the community, or an administration unit. Various people have the ability to solve different types of problems. Nevertheless, when solving problems the most important thing is to be able to identify where the problem lies. Diagnosis is a valuable skill that applies to most fields especially the medical field. Diagnosis is the ability to identify a problem before embarking on the mission to solve the identified problem. In the medical field, physical diagnosis involves identifying the anatomical anomalies in a patient. This paper explains various dimensions of physical diagnosis.

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Whenever patients walk into any medical establishment, they have to undergo a physical examination or observation. These two activities constitute a physical observation. Physical diagnosis is usually backed up using other tools of diagnosis such as X-Rays, MRIs, and CAT scans. Almost all of the tests that are performed in a laboratory have to be preceded by a physical diagnosis. Physical diagnosis mostly starts with a review of the patient’s medical history. The history of the patient’s well being is vital to the physical diagnosis process. The next step after ascertaining a patient’s history is to proceed with the physical examinations. Physical examinations include checking a patient’s pulse, temperature, and blood pressure. These physical examinations can be completed by using palpitations to check for swollen body parts and tapping to check for specific organs. In some instances, a physician will conduct a physical diagnosis using listening equipments such as the stethoscope to diagnose lung and heart problems. Other instruments that can be used in physical diagnosis include an ophthalmoscope, a bronchoscope, and a laryngoscope (Swartz 56). The process of physical diagnosis has been adversely affected by technology. Advancements in technology have ensured that the input of the physician when conducting a diagnosis is minimal. In addition, technology has reduced error rates in physical diagnoses. For example, there are electronic diagnosis machines that are equipped with ultra sound devices, cameras, and minute-video devices. These machines have the ability to back up a physical diagnosis by providing information about internal organs and processes.

Medical practitioners and scholars recognize physical diagnosis as one of the pillars of internal and external medicine. Several medical practitioners consider physical diagnosis to be an uphill task. Furthermore, tutors find it hard to teach the physical diagnosis skill due to the complex demonstrations and interpretations involved. Physical diagnosis is both an inborn and an acquired skill. The skill of physical diagnosis is closely connected with problem-solving and observation skills. Even physical diagnosis experts have to contend with substantial error margins. A physician who is good in physical diagnosis is often more reliable than a diagnostic machine especially in critical scenarios where time is of the essence. Most great diagnostics experts are good problem solvers and logical thinkers. Moreover, most diagnostics experts have an eye for detail and they are able to rely on their instincts. However, the most prominent trait among diagnostic experts is freethinking. Anyone who wants to acquire or improve his/her diagnostic skills can turn to medical and nursing schools for training. Moreover, developed diagnostic skills need to be supported by constant practice.

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