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Public Play: Organization Guidelines


Playing is a non-compulsory activity, for which an individual is usually intrinsically motivated. It is not only appropriate for children but also for teenagers and adults, for each occurrence has the potential to deepen the players’ skills, reinforce social bonds and, of course, entertain the participants. The activity may take infinite forms and may take place in a variety of spaces. The presence of playing tools or any other items is not always a necessity, nor is an appropriately equipped space. However, to facilitate public play, such places may be arranged. This essay outlines four suggestions as to how to organize a playing activity at a college canteen and in the classroom as well as discusses the potential hazards of playing in the said spaces.

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Usable Things and Activities

The classroom seems to be more equipped; however, one may enlist a few ideas about activities that may take place in both of them. For instance, high school and college students may find the idea of speed dating, in which one can talk to a partner in front of them for a limited amount of time and then shift, appealing. Another idea is intellectual quizzes with several competing teams and a host. Both activities require the same set of equipment, namely, tables, chairs, name tags, sheets of paper, and a timer. It is visible from the first picture that the room has a lot of board games; it is possible to play them both in the classroom and in the canteen when it is not mealtime.

One particular idea of a playful activity on which I would like to further elaborate is workable for large groups of people that are later divided into teams. Given that there is playing equipment galore, each gets to choose their tools, be it balls, cones, etc. Then they invent scoring games for their tables, after which every team takes a tour around the space and tries out what others made up.

Potential Dangers

School spaces such as classrooms and canteens are often seen as very safe; however, it is crucial to point out a few possible dangers of playing in there, that are usually dismissed. First, if space deals with electricity or specifically in case of a school canteen, kitchen appliance, there is always a fire hazard. Electrical outlets should be in good condition and circuits not overloaded. Further, if an activity involves moving in space, walking surfaces need to be dry, smooth, and free of objects that are low to the ground, for it creates a tripping hazard. Bookcases, cabinets, and shelving that are not able to support the intended load may lead to an injury, in case of a crash or falling objects. Lastly, board games where players need to operate small items may generate a choking hazard, although that may only apply to young kids.


Public plays can bring entertainment and gratification to people of all ages. When elaborating a game or using an existing playing concept, one needs to take into account the specifics of the space in which they want to organize the activity in question. At that, one does not only need to consider the equipment at hand but also thoughtfully assess potential hazards of the environment. The spaces discussed in this essay are generally low-risks; however, it is highly recommended to take precautions.

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