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Qualitative Critique of Self-Perceptions

Data Analysis

As the chosen technique of the data analysis, the researchers decided to use a number of critical elements from systematic steps of Krueger that help to analyze focus group data. It is hard to disagree that data management and methods were rather adequately described. In this article, there is a special paragraph that states every major and small step of the analysis (Mcabe et al., 2019). The data analysis strategy is entirely compatible with the type of data gathered since the specific aims of the study were taken into consideration while analyzing the transcripts’ content.

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The analysis yielded five major themes that were interesting for the participants and helped to highlight the utility and importance of including clinical research nurses on research teams. The analytic procedures do not suggest the possibility of biases because the participants were selected carefully, the data analysis method was chosen correctly, and all the group members performed their roles properly (Mcabe et al., 2019). Finally, the analysis yields an insightful and meaningful picture of the phenomenon under investigation as it provides an evidence-based framework that may help to develop CRN specialty practice’s competencies.


The findings are summarized rather adequately – the five themes are described in detail, and several tables are provided. The discussion of key findings is congruent with the research approach, as everything is explained and quite clear. The findings are interpreted within an appropriate social context as the education of research subjects and their families is considered a vital aspect of the study and the CRN role (Mcabe et al., 2019). Though there is a significant number of references, significant findings of this article are mostly not discussed and interpreted within the context of prior studies, this is independent research.

The themes are conceptualized and logically connected: one follows and flows out of another. Despite some limitations, the interpretations of the study are consistent with them: the researchers list the weaknesses and provide results according to them (Mcabe et al., 2019). Finally, the researchers assure that this article provides an evidence-based framework that is helpful for clinical practice and further research. Those implications are reasonable and complete since this study has a number of strengths and important findings.


Mcabe, M., Behrens, L., Browning, S., Vessey, J., Williams, M. (2019). The clinical research nurse: Exploring self-perceptions about the value of the role. American Journal of Nursing, 119(8), 24-32.

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