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Responsibility Project: Spotlighting Local Leaders


The Responsibility Project is a website that contains much information devoted to different aspects of responsibility. The website includes articles, blogs, and videos to consider the problem of responsibility from different angles. Responsibility and organizational issues are connected when it deals with working performance. The Spotlighting Local Leaders section contains three videos associated with organizational matters and dwells upon responsibility as the core aspect of workforce organization.

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Why are the issues in the film important?

The video devoted to Spotlighting Local Leaders (2010) has three sections: constructors, healthcare, and farming. The core aspect connected with organizational issues is dedicated to workforce development. The videos are devoted to the executive director of the F.I.R.S.T. Constructors who has organized the workplaces for those who have left the junior corrections and for young adults who have been to prison, to the Family Practice Physician who has created the center where pregnant women with drugs dependency are treated and to a school teacher who has made the Farm-to-Table program.

These cases are connected with the organizational issues as the work done in the sphere of work motivation, employee development, and environment creation is excellent. The most critical problems in the videos are devoted to people’s organization around one specific work/business based on social responsibility. The project leaders have developed programs that involve the activities and people who are usually restricted from ordinary activities.

What role do external social pressures have in influencing organizational ethics?

The organizational ethics in the affairs presented in the videos under consideration is based on the specifics of the affairs. The very ideas of the construction business with former prisoners, the healthcare for those who were drug-addicted, and the farming for students to give them an understanding of what they eat are based on the social pressures from within. Each of these projects was started at the one which may not have any success as it is usually predicted that the new ideas based on the enthusiasm and lack of financing are doomed to failure.

However, the leadership skills of each of the leaders in every case and the ability to create a good organizational culture helped the projects to become successful. The organizational culture correctly impacts organizational ethics.

Thus, the F.I.R.S.T Construction leader has employed the former members of the junior corrections and young adults who were imprisoned. The organizational culture is based on trust and support that influences organizational ethics. The same is with healthcare, where pregnant women who consumed drugs are treated as simple people who wait for a child. The farming in the classroom is a specific theme as students work under the organizational culture as well, and they are encouraged by farming as the way to see the results of the personal work.

How might these issues be relevant to organizational and personal decisions?

In each case, organizational ethics is considered as the basis for encouraging people for performance. The organizational decisions are closely connected with personal decisions as in this case; the organizational ethics is used as the encouraging aspect. This factor is to be considered. Looking at the examples, one should state that the ex-members of the corrections have the purpose to show that their performance is excellent to make sure that others see them from another angle.

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Pregnant women need special treatment, especially those who were drug-addicted and require more medical assistance. Students have to know how the vegetables are grown-up to make sure that their nutrition will be based on natural food without genetically engineered ones. The role of the organizational issues is great in each of the cases as only thanks to the organizational skills of the leaders the aims are achieved.

What is the relationship between legal and ethical issues, as shown in the film?

The relationships between ethical and legal aspects, as shown in the film, are based on the legislation devoted to private practice. It is obvious that the government supports the projects and does not create any barriers. Being social responsibility projects, these organizations carry great morality in society. Those who stumbled are to be forgiven; those who should know more are to be learned. These are the ethical aspects of the projects. The legal side of the problem is similar to the nonprofit organizations, which aim to support those who need assistance and, due to particular reasons, do not have an opportunity to care for themselves.


Therefore, it may be concluded that the videos under consideration perform an important organizational purpose; these videos show how social responsibility projects work in reality. Additionally, the organization of the projects reflected in the videos requires many finances. It may be nonprofit to train the juniors who left the corrections, pregnant women, and students may not bring much profit. Social responsibility is the main reason for developing such projects.

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