Smoking in Cities: Prohibition Bill

The proposed bill presupposes the complete prohibition of smoking in cities except for the places that are specially created for it and equipped with corresponding devices that will help to clean air and avoid the appearance of the second-hand smoking problem. To become a law, it has to pass several stages that are determined by the existing legislation.

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First, the bill will be referred to a Senate Committee on Environment and Public Words. It will evaluate the existing changes to be accepted and promote its further development to become a law, which is critical for any proposal of this sort. If the committee does not accept the bill, it will not move forward.

Second, a special subcommittee Subcommittee on Clean Air and Nuclear Safety should also review the offered bill through hearings and in-depth study. This procedure is needed to ensure that other branches of power will be informed about the main assumptions of the document and the central ideas that are presented in it.

A third step presupposes the introduction of particular amendments or changes to the bill resting on the recommendations of the reviewers and Senate members. To be reported to the full committee, the legislation requires to be voted by these actors, which means that it should be able to satisfy their demands and perspectives on a particular action or policy.

The fourth step includes the full committee voting regarding the proposed bill. If all previous stages are successful, there can be a recommendation to present the document to the House or Senate, which is an important condition needed for any proposal of this sort to become a law and regulate certain actions.

The next stage of the bill’s discussion depends on the success of all amendments, considerations, and their approval. If all proposed changes are introduced, the members can vote for it and accept the bill for the prohibition of smoking, which is one of the basic criteria for further work on the proposal and its consideration by other authorities.

During the next step, the bill is referred to another chamber of the House or Senate to be disputed. Traditionally, there are the same procedures as in the previous situation for the law to be approved. However, it can also be altered or rejected if there are some doubts regarding legal issues or its beneficial character for the state.

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Step seven presupposes that chambers engage in debates about the proposed bill to make a compromise and reach an agreement about the final version of the document. If there is no single perspective on it, there will be a ban and failure of the whole case. For this reason, there is a critical need for the elaboration of a common attitude to the bill.

Finally, if House and Senate approve the offered bill, it is sent to the President, who can make it a law. He can also veto it and prohibit the introduction of this very legislation. At the same time, if there is no action during ten days, the bill automatically becomes a law and starts to regulate a particular sphere in the life of the state.

In such a way, to become implemented at the state level, the law should be accepted by Congress and the President, which ensures its legal status and the ability to contribute to the improvement of the particular aspect in the state’s functioning.

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