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Strategy: Advocating Healthy Public Practices


This paper presents the basis of health promotion policy and practices. It gives a background of the wider determinants of health that are addressed through promotion of healthy public policies, the challenges to incorporating the determinants of health in adoption of the strategy, action areas of the Ottawa Charter (OC) that the strategy can tackle, and determines the challenges of integrating the OC action aspects to implement the strategy.

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Determinants of health

The core healthcare industry focuses on achieving results for users by collaborating with the public with a view of improving health and safety. To attain such results, specialists should understand the various determinants of health and safety and engage a public framework of health to service administering and support. A public framework of health is an outline for reflecting on health. Within this model, enhancements in healthcare are attained by dealing with the environmental and social aspects of healthcare, as far as health and biological aspects are concerned (Hills & McQueen 2007). Highlighting and backing up this practical model is the Ottawa Charter and the World Health Organization (WHO) description of wellbeing. Wellbeing refers to an inclusive condition of natural, social and mental health, not simply the lack of ailment or sickness (Donovan 2010). Table below illustrates the determinants of health identified in the OC as far as advocating healthy public strategy is concerned.

Determinant Addressed through
Healthy environments
  • Secure natural surroundings
  • Encouraging socio-economic situations
Efficient health services
  • Provision of long-term medical promotion projects
  • Availability of socially suitable medical services
Emotional factors
  • Contribution to civic roles and social task
  • Compelling social network systems
Healthy eating
  • Occasional natural activity
  • Balanced diet

Challenges to integration

Basically, most practices in the sector of health promotion have backed-up safe lifestyles. Now people should draw more attention to practices that result in well living situations and function with a view of ensuring that the least authoritative people in the society articulate their issues in such practice challenges. Promoting healthy public guideline comprises the following challenges: dealing with public with a view of identifying the most significant areas where a healthy promotion strategy can make an impact; searching stakeholders with whom to establish promotion alternatives; promoting collective debate on promotion alternatives; and following up with a view of making sure the determinants are integrated in implementation of the strategy (Hills & McQueen 2007, p. 37).

Action areas

The OC has set the strategic path for the last 20 years; its course is as significant now as it was twenty years ago. An improved health backing force will focus on promoting healthy public strategy. In order to enhance action in all areas, the target of the strategy should be ironed and various systems should be reinforced or created. The strategy of advocating healthy public practices is committed to making sure that the public, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations take action based on the action areas integrated in this strategy. For example, in Victoria, incorporated health promotion actions were vividly determined in the 2002 general election framework (Hills & McQueen 2007, p. 38).

Challenges of incorporation

Supporting public institutions in decision-making and implementing OC actions present various challenges. The challenges range from organizational restructuring and contributing technological knowledge to scheduling, executing and evaluating (Donovan 2010). In conclusion, governments at each level, private and not-for-profit institutions, non-governmental industry companies, community teams and citizens all have major tasks to transform this strategy from words to action. However, assuming that the OC actions are everybody’s role can result in the strategy turning out to be nobody’s role.


Donovan, R 2010, “Communication for change”, in R Donovan & N Henley (eds), Principles and practice of social marketing: An international perspective, Cambridge University press, Cambridge, pp. 69-81.

Hills, M & McQueen, V 2007, ‘The Ottawa Chatter for health promotion: A critical reflection’, International Journal of Health Promotion and Education, vol. 5 no. 2, pp. 36-52.

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