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Super Bowl Commercial and Brand Name: Budweiser

I chose this commercial because it represents the friendship between a human and an animal. It starts by showing how the relationship develops when a horse is growing up. Even though an animal does not talk, its feelings are shown in the way it spends time with the person who had direct involvement in their growing up. The way the horse gives its owner “a push” represents their closeness and unique relationship that developed between them in some time.

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The company is using this commercial for the super bowl. It is an advertisement for a beer called “Budweiser”. The theme of the commercial represents the closeness and friendship that a person has with beer. Even though it does not talk back, you can still have a relationship with a certain brand. Budweiser is known for its commercials and its brand name. It reinforces to the viewer the association of good times and good friends with Budweiser beer.

The advertisements will have a specific impact on society. It is made in such a way, as to create associations in people after they watch the commercial. A line is drawn between good times, friendship, and then re-establishment of friendship and good times. It encourages the viewers to trust Budweiser, as something that will unite old friends and help overcome the troubles and separations in life.

Whether it will make money, very much depends on the audience. Here, people who will be watching football are a very different crowd. All the age groups and social backgrounds are present as viewers. The commercial targets all sorts of audiences because the theme is universal and anyone can relate to it. It will make money because it has a positive attitude and has a moral and an idea behind it. People usually respond to that sort of stimuli and feel compelled to participate in the process (Budweiser Super Bowl Ad — The Clydesdales: “Brotherhood”).

When starting your own business and particularly a new gym, it is very important to know your audience. The customers will determine the type of atmosphere, theme, and equipment, as well as the name of the business. In the current business plan, the audience will consist of military personnel, firefighters, and EMTs. A good name will make the customer feel as if the gym is made specifically for them and their personal goals. The military men and women are usually involved in combat and experience harsh and limited conditions. Something that relates to their line of work must be used in the name. Firefighters and EMTs are involved in delivering an important public service. All these three professions have a common theme of helping people and saving lives. A business must have a personal connection to the customer so that they feel more inclined to use this particular establishment. A good name for such a gym would be something along the lines of Fitness in Check or Living Saving Gymming. The first name could relate to the specificity of their jobs where they have to keep a constant check on the equipment and their physical condition. The job is very demanding and so the body demands it be kept in shape. In the second one, a connection is made to their personal lives, their particular job set, which is saving people, and that it is closely connected to the gym and life. Choosing a proper name is an important process and time should be found to come up with a perfect one.

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