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Teaching Argumentation: Planning and Instruction


The short-term learning goals and related measurable lesson objectives for the two lessons described in this log

There were several short-term objectives that were developed throughout the two lessons:

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  • The student had to learn how to state a claim. This short-term objective can be validated by the idea that he is not able to build his argument yet and is not experienced enough in terms of building connections that lead to the creation of the argument.
  • The student had to learn how to choose and provide strong textual evidence. This short-term objective is important because it will allow the student to associate his claims with the available evidence and reach critically supported verdicts. In the future, this short-term objective is expected to impact the student and provide them with the necessary knowledge regarding how to conduct research and look for evidence that could be used to support the argument.
  • The student had to learn how to incorporate opposing views in an argumentative essay. This allowed them to evaluate the arguments from different perspectives and create vivid arguments that are based on an objective view of the obtained evidence.
  • The student had to learn how to develop counterarguments. This allowed him to identify the upsides and downsides of each of the worldviews that had been identified throughout the research process.

Supports planned for and provided

The strategy that was used within the framework of the last two lessons is called ABBOT. It allowed me to facilitate the process of composing an argumentative essay and helped me to connect with the student better because he understood the underlying principles of developing a strong essay.


Highlights related to your lesson planning and instruction

Everything went well because the student was able to attain all short-term objectives. Nonetheless, he still struggles with reading and writing, so it may be reasonable to address these two issues in the follow-up lessons.

Incorporation of elements of the Bakers Dozen and UDL principles

I did not use any elements of the Bakers Dozen, but I have incorporated the third principle of UDL. It was critical to me to develop persistence in the student and make him practice the creation of an argumentative essay. This kind of self-regulation was found to be rather useful and would be used in future lesson plans as well.


Formative and/or summative assessments and collection of evidence of progress

Assessment Activities Criteria for success Feedback type to the student if applicable
Warm-up 2 out of 4 trials Written and Verbal
Essay drafting 1 out of 2 trials Written

It is not possible to evaluate the progress of my tutee, but the outcomes are expected to be positive.

Involvement of the focus learner in monitoring his/her own progress

In order to involve the learner in the process, I went through the process of creating an argumentative essay together with him and accurately directed him throughout almost the whole practice. In the future, I expect him to do this assignment individually.

Teaching Toward Independence

Teaching toward generalization or maintenance of the skills taught during these two lessons

The learner will have to follow the ABBOT scheme exactly in order to generalize his knowledge and practice his writing skills.

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Teaching to self-evaluate, self-reflect, or self-correct to improve performance

I helped my tutee by means of providing him with the possibility to find mistakes and edit them on the spot. These mistakes were related to the structure of the student’s argumentative essay and the relevance of the arguments, not his grammatical errors.

Next Steps

Questions and comments for the supervisor

Currently, I am keen on finding more ways to elicit more willingness in my student to work on the structure of his argumentative essay.

To-do list: Preparation for the next two lessons

I think that it may be reasonable to include more visuals so as to help the student understand the structure of the essay and its pivotal points better.

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