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Team Work and Collaboration

To handle the problem of Mr. Diaz, a nurse should be, first of all, aware of the rights which he, as a patient has. The most significant legal right of a patient is the right to informed consent (Heath, 1995). It is vital not to exaggerate medical responsibility before patients. In this aspect, the democratic flow of relationships lies. So a nurse should make attempts to communicate with Mr. Diaz about life prospects and some other banal themes. This would possibly assure him of good intentions coming from the nurse. Moreover, the family bounds also tie Mr. Diaz with this world. Of course, the idea of life for having communication with 4 children and 12 grandchildren can play a core role for the patient. By providing a rational and rather mellow conversation a nurse will be able to fix the real reasons which are the means for supposed protection or fear of any injures of the body. Surgery is the optimal way for recovery and living with the family. Concentrating the patient’s attention on the higher values in his life, a nurse would possibly attain the consent of Mr. Diaz.

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Talking about Mrs. Smith’s case it is vital to admit that a nurse should possess the features of a psychologist. In other words, the ability to analyze situations in life is prior. In this respect, the nurse is better to calm down a patient. The thought about life’s possible spontaneous disasters should be followed by an assumption that nobody is insured against such terrible features, as death. However, a nurse should alter that before dying a man should be born, married, and have children and grandchildren. This is what one calls life. On the other hand, a nurse may provide communication in the ad absurdum way. If Mrs. Smith makes the living will at the moment, then she will possibly be pressed by the idea that her death presupposes those who will inherit her property. From the psychological point of view, it would fasten the thought about death and negative events. By such actions, an individual may not see the fullness of life. A living will is for the end of life and on one’s deathbed.

Dr. Mendoza’s worries are not surprising due to the legal procedures in hospitals. The thing is that the surgery is restricted when a patient gives no informed consent (Heath, 1995). This is why the registered nurse should provide the client with the algorithm of supporting actions. Cholecystectomy is a too serious procedure that needs an appropriate ethical attitude on the pre-arranged stage. In this case, Joint Commission Resources (2002) admits that the “hospital addresses ethical issues in providing care” (32). Hence, the first action is to talk with the patient about everyday affairs or events, so that to maintain the contact line. Everything should be kept within the pale of laws. Otherwise, as a registered nurse, she would not violate the nursing instructions and principles of work. The consent of a patient needs to be documented with the remark, that the patient was informed about the negative effects of nonobservance of surgery procedure along with the proper signature of a patient.

In the situation, with the Smith family, the disaster is great. However, a nurse should even in this situation along with compassion have optimism. It is hard to wipe the eyes of the family members. Artificial nutrition procedures may be identified as the martyrdom for their mother. In this respect, a nurse should highlight the significance of life. It is vital to follow the doctors’ instructions because Mrs. Smith will be alive owing to such a procedure. The conversation with the family should contemplate cases of similar diseases among patients to assure the family of the efficiency of such measures. On the other hand, a nurse should mention that it is better to visit the mother when she is still breathing because such assurance gives hope that everything is all right. Nevertheless, the situation needs an individual approach with primordial thinking over the applicable steps in order not to hurt the family.

First of all, a professional nurse should be able to calm down the worries of the best friend. Second, as a woman-to-woman, a nurse needs to know the real feelings of the friend toward her husband. This is nothing because of the law. The cases of abuse and neglect in the family relations are apparent. This is why it is better to ignore the demands of her husband. On the other hand, traces of inflicted violation are viable. This is why there is a precedent for the trial. Another variant is to point out that the age of the husband is at a crisis of age-related insanity and aggressiveness. This is why supposedly he would be placed in a senior center according to the results of expertise. The primary intention of a registered nurse is to provide medical and moral support to the best friend and her under-age children. Here comes the main conclusion that, notwithstanding the verbal abuse, there are cases of physical violation. This is the ground for the legal precedent so that to get rid of the husband.

This scenario needs a detailed outlook on the organization’s structure and team spirit which is imposed in it. The hospital is associated with the place of purity in conditions and employees’ behaviors. This predominant argument gives strength to further grounding of facts and assertions. Second, if this peer is known, it is time not to ignore such a situation until it caused harm to more than one man. A special friendly talk should be provided. In this respect, the nurse should pay more attention to the fact that it harms a peer’s health. There should not be just a remark that it is not by the instructions. No one knows the reason for peer drinking.

Developing a continued competence plan is of great significance for each nurse who seeks success in helping people. This assertion is vital to me because the features of applicable communication with people with psychological approaches matter in nursing. The feelings of humaneness and rationale are paramount in their wide significance. First of all, a nurse should communicate with experienced people in this field. It will help to gather the cases and situations appropriate for each life case. Students, who are trying to “just get by” without serious attitudes, will fail. Their participation is needless because nursing is not a matter of wages; it is a matter of personal devotion.

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