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The Alleviation Plans to Air Pollution Throughout the World


Atmospheric pollution may be used to refer to the not only the man made process but also to the natural processes that contribute to the release of the gases such as in the volcanic eruption where very dangerous gases are releases and the aftermath of the eruption is the poor-quality atmosphere. Generally researchers concentrate on the manmade processes that lead to gaseous by-products such as in processes involving production of energy, transportation or the shipping processes, in the burning of the wastes gases are produced, in the agricultural processes and in the deforestation that is currently having very serious effect on the to the atmosphere and a major contributor to the global warming. The atmospheric pollution is greatly affecting not only the direct things that we can notice in the common senses but also the ozone layer leading to the development of the ozone holes which let the penetration of the dangerous radiations from the sun (Bhattacharjee 164). For this reason, ways of curbing the problems have been developed to reduce the pollution such as in the coming up with alleviation plans to air pollution throughout the world.

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Understanding Atmospheric Pollution Mitigation Strategic Plan

The mitigation plans for the air pollution may be seen as the ways that have been developed in the attempt to reduce the atmospheric pollution that have already predicts disastrous results to all the living things. The Air Quality Analysis show that there is need for all feasible improvements is applied to curb this problem that will affect the world in totality if not solved in the soonest possible time.

Air Quality Mitigation Plan is proposed project which aims at the reducing of the emissions that affects the air quality by at least fifteen percent. It is said that the idea of the fifteen percent decrease in the emissions originated from County of Sacramento’s General Plan Policy AQ – 15. It has since then been recognized in the region and the authorities and also looks forward to coming up with a plan that will not only reduce the emissions by 15 percent but by greater percentage.

The plan stands on its own as project and is treated as a subject on its own and not as the other legal documents. This helps in that there is the creation of an environment that promotes the implementation of the project and the monitoring of how the plan is being undertaken and the feasibility power in it. The document gives detailed information on how the plan is going to be undertaken. It should also describe the course so as to justify the measures being undertaken by providing each and every detail and giving reasons for them. This is also crucial in that it helps in the evaluation process so as to give recommendation by the county and the giving of the review process in time.

There is the need to consider each plan in away that it gives some unique features. It should give room for the expansion of the ideas and to improve on the strategies that have been planned. This ensures that when the plan is implemented, there is the advantage of enjoying maximum benefits to the society as well as proving to be cost effective. The financial sensitivity is very important as it ensures that the proposed plan will not fail due to economic reasons.

In the processing of the plan, the environmentalists should ensure that the plan entail the condition that is to be approved and at the same time give measures on how to improve the environmental conditions so as to ensure that the implementation of the proposed plan is done without much problems (Bhattacharjee 167). The developers must be involved in the selection of the proposed plan. The Air Quality Mitigation Plan is only sent to the lead industry and the supporters only after all the parties involved including the districts heads agree on it. After this then there must be an endorsement by the District. It is then attached to the draft document on the environmental procedures to be undertaken. It is then released to the public where the leaders involved in the decision making together with the public are given the opportunity to air out their views. They are also given the opportunity to understand why things are taken in the courses that have been laid down.

There other various organizations that deals with the mitigation of the atmospheric pollution such as the Southern African Development Community (SADC) which included all the groups that attended the Lusaka policy dialogue on the atmospheric pollution remedies, the ASEAN Cooperation Plan on the Tran boundary Pollution which includes the groups that attended the ASEAN meeting where environmental issues were being addressed by several government representatives from various parts of the world and mostly from the Asian countries. The meeting was held in Singapore and several meetings on the issue were held. There was also another pollution measures that were taken in Thailand which were mainly centered on the reduction of energy usage in the transport department of the country. Many other organizations have been organized by various groups on different parts of the world and all of which aim at the minimization of the atmospheric pollution especially from the following sectors.

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Common Sectors Addressed in Atmospheric Pollution Mitigation Strategic Plan

A number of policies have been formulated to reduce the rate of pollution coming from the Transport Sectors which in most cases advocate for the use of cleaner fuels. This is because they have less waste to be exhausted in the atmosphere causing health hazards to all the living things. The policies enact laws that discourage people from the using of the fuels that have Sulfur which is known to be harmful to life of living things, there is also the harmonization of the degree in the standards of the fuels which are to used, phase out the use of leads in the fuels and other metals that are harmful as the additives, formulate serious measures to be taken on those who use the fuels that do not meet the said specifications (Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency 33). The vehicles should also be in cleaner conditions in such a way that there will be reduced waste emissions. This is achieved through the ensuring that the vehicles being imported are not very old and meet the required emission standards.

The other sector where attention is directed to is in the urban planning. Policies are formulated in such a way that there is sustainable mobility in the urban centers. There should also be the interlinked transport system for the passengers and more so they should be separated from the motorists roads so as to enhance the security of the people and also to ensure that they are not getting the direct vehicle emissions and dust which may cause illnesses to the human beings and enhance the spread of the communicable diseases. Formulate policies that will discourage the over use of vehicles through the road taxing, and other vehicle charges that will reduce and ease the congestion of the people.

There are other policies that govern the industry sector since researchers say that most of the pollution is from the industries. This is achieved through the cooperation by the area members in the addressing of air pollution both within the borders and tans boundary. There are also policies that require that industries use the best available technology in the firms so as to comply with the legal standards of the place (Somporn, Bundit, and Supachart). There are also policies that calls for the industries to carry out assessment on the effects the firm has on the environment thus they are able to abolish the firms that have the negative effects in the vicinity of the people.

On the effects resulting the open burning, several issues are addressed such as management of waste matters whereby the policy makers enact policies that reduce or totally prohibit the uncontrolled burning and come up with better ways of waste managements. Vegetation burnings and the deforestations are also part of the open burning as they have the same impacts as the waste fires (Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency 34). Policies that reduce the chances of deliberate fires are enacted, educate people on the fire management strategies, come up with the reforestation programs where there are no forests and also to research on the frequent causes of the fires so as to come up with better ways to manage the fires and prevent it from happening.

Indoor pollution is another factor which should be looked into. There is need to restrict the people even on the form of energies they use for their domestic appliances so as to reduce pollution in the homes, cleaner fuels should also be used to ensure that the fuel used will not cause health problems to those in the houses. People are also educated on the importance of the ensuring that they use quality air in the houses as they may end up causing harm to their bodies. There should be set standards on the indoor air in the public utilities in commercial or even in the private sectors. Smoking and other behaviors should be abolished in the indoor settings as they do not only affect the persons involved but even other innocent victims (Southern African Development Community). There are sectors that fund people on the improvement of quality air in the indoors through helping in the buying of the facilities among other things.

The National Environmental Governance has also come up with ways in which people are forced to take responsibilities of their behavior in the environmental management as well as the training and forming of bodies that promote the maintenance of the environment. There are laws that govern the environmental management which should be observed by all people such as the emissions regulations among others, forming of agencies that work towards the improving of the environment, establishing of devices that measure air quality in all countries so as to ensure that people are not under threat (Bhattacharjee 169). Come up with harmonized air pollution measures such that there are all standardized such as the phasing out of the products that emit gases that have a negative effect on the ozone layer.

There should be increased public awareness on issues relating to environment in all channels of communication whether formal or informal. Ensure that people participate in the environmental subjects and activities so as to enhance understanding. They should also develop more means of public awareness and come up with ways to ensure that people conceptualize the need to maintain the environment for the sake of the future.

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In conclusion, having understood on the impact the atmospheric pollutants have on the living things either directly or indirectly, it is important to strategize on how to reduce the rate of pollution otherwise if this is not done, we are at risk of health failures, the ecosystem diminishing, the economy is also at risk as the finances are taken to satisfy needs that would have otherwise been avoided and the money utilized in other developmental areas. It is also important to realize that most of the effect done cannot be reversed. It has been discovered that the release of sulfur and the nitrate results to acid rain which destroys all the vegetation. There is also the other unbearable effect of the ozone holes which lets out the harmful radiations which cause health problems to the human body (Somporn, Bundit and Supachart). It is therefore necessary not only to propose the Atmospheric Pollution Mitigation Strategic Plan but to ensure that it has been implemented and the assessment reported and recorded so as to make improvements and alterations.

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