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The BNW Car New Models

With the advancing technologies, car makers have turned into making cars that consume less gas and yet can speed more. These cars not only are they fuel efficient but have also been modelled in a manner that their passenger capacity is bigger than the vehicles we are used to. For us (BNW Company) not to lose our market share as our customers can shift to the other car makers, we have decided to make a special and a more extraordinary car that our customers will surely love: the BNW Z1.

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To ensure that the fuel mileage for the BNWZ1 model is higher than of the last model the BNWZ, we have developed cold air intake systems and air filters, these systems aid in the faster and efficient burning of the fuel as they allows larger volume of air intake by the vehicle with a lower power restriction. This helps the car in increasing the fuel efficiency while still adding horse power.

The BNW Z1 exhaust has also been made in a way that it both inhales and exhales efficiently. This has been made possible through the use of converters (catalytic) that are low resistant as well as systems (headers and exhaust) that in addition boost the efficiency of fuel utilization.

To boost the engine effectiveness, we have also employed high quality plugs (spark), which enhance the engine competence by the collective use of high wires (ignition) wires and (distributors) caps to get better the performance even more. It has also been a major concern that our older BNW models were heavy and as usual more weight means higher fuel was being used. In our new BNWZ1, we have designed it in a way that the structure utilizes a 3D lattice mono-formed frame.

It is formed using a polyhedral structure formed from distinctive, alloy-utilizing and freeform (semi-solid). The BNWZ1 silkiness and tranquillity has been attained by using the power of compacted air through a highly proficient System Pneumatic Drive (PDS). The car covering optimizes aerodynamics and operates as an ultra weight substitute to the outdated technologies we are used to, of glass and the body panels.

For the protection of our clients, BNWZ1 is well fitted with brakes system which is antilock, curtain air bags (front seat and full length side) and also a steadiness control. The model is also fitted with a rear view camera, parking sensors and knee air bags. Also by fitting BNWZ1 with High technology electronics, which seek to warn inattentive drivers of blind spots intrusions and impending crashes.

We have ensured that our customers get the best we can offer. The BNWZ1 model has been designed like a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) and can carry at least five adults, while still offering room to extend either passenger space or cargo capacity. There is an option of adding a third row if the customer decides to carry more passengers.

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As a matter of fact, whoever drives our new BNWZ1 model is sure to enjoy driving a light vehicle, which is fuel efficient, while maximizing the driving enjoyment this is in appreciation to our powerful yet simple compressed BNWZ1. It has got compressed air motors that replace a heavy internal combustion engine.

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