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The Hard Times Generation Documentary Review

The documentary film Hard Times Generation produced by CBS (2011) tells a very touching and disturbing story of homeless families. The authors pay much attention to the needs of children who are much more vulnerable to various health risks. This movie can alert policy-makers as well as medical workers. In particular, nursing professionals should develop strategies that can help families and children to shield themselves against the threats of various diseases. If this goal is not attained, the welfare of these individuals will be even more endangered. This is the main argument that can be put forward.

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The film-makers note that such children can be exposed to physiological and psychological risks. For instance, many of them experience malnutrition which impairs the growth of bones as well as the functioning of the immune system (Brown, 2013, p. 336). Furthermore, malnutrition can adversely influence cognitive development of these individuals. Additionally, they cannot always practice personal hygiene (CBS, 2011). Thus, they may acquire various virulent diseases. One should also note that these children often blame themselves for the economic problems encountered by their parents (CBS, 2011). This is one of the details that parents, educators and medical workers should take into account. Moreover, they are often isolated from their peers. As a result, they may suffer from depression. To a great extent, psychological risks can be even more significant that physiological problems.

Overall, this movie should be considered by nurses who should take part in the promotion of public health. In particular, they should implement regular screening programs that can identify potential healthcare problems at the early stages. For instance, one can speak about the increased likelihood of dental diseases (Potts, 2012, p. 7). Again, one should keep in mind that homeless children do not proper access to medical services. In turn, nurses should detect possible deviations from normal development at the early stages because prevention can significantly reduce the impact of various health risks.

Furthermore, nursing professionals should act as educators. In particular, they should tell parents about possible factors that can imperil the development of children. For instance, one can mention the lack of proper hygiene. These are some of the main steps that they should take.

Certainly, one cannot say that nurses are the only professionals who bear responsibility for the wellbeing of these children. In this case, much depends on the work of public administrators who should develop policies that can effectively support homeless families. Additionally, the life of these individuals is dependent on the availability of employment opportunities. This is one of the limitations that should be taken into account. Furthermore, this movie indicates that homeless children can strongly rely on the assistance of social workers and educators (CBS, 2011). Thus, one can assume that nurses should cooperate with these professionals in order to provide a more comprehensive assistance to these children.

So, the film Hard Times Generation throws light on the experiences of people who are often marginalized due to unemployment and homelessness. They also lack resources for protecting their health. In their turn, the film-makers focus on the experiences of children who are more vulnerable since they are dependent on adults. Admittedly, nurses cannot address each of the problems faced by homeless parents and their children. Nevertheless, they can eliminate or at least minimize the threats of potential diseases. These are the main aspects that can be singled out.

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