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Training and Business Development

Before choosing one specific area of training in a call center, one needs to evaluate the ongoing issues within the organization. Because call center activities include a high level of technology involvement, depending on the situation, the most suitable area for training in a call center might be improving technology efficiency. However, considering the high level of turnover across the field, low level of job satisfaction, and stressful nature of work, the main area for training in call centers, should be employee development.

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In an article on turnover intentions in call centers, Zito et al. (2018) defined the main factor of high turnover in call centers as emotional dissonance. Emotional dissonance occurs due to the organization’s requirement to express emotions in conversations in certain situations when the employee does not feel those emotions. According to Zito et al. (2018), low job satisfaction, associated with job autonomy and a low level of supervisor support, combined with emotional dissonance, result in high turnovers.

Thus, investments in employee development training in the form of courses or seminars could reduce the level of employee turnover. With additional training for personal development among supervisors focused on the ability to provide support to call center employees, the level of job satisfaction would increase eventually. Combining an increased level of employee job satisfaction and increased level of resistance to stress and pressure from emotional dissonance, the employees would be able to provide a customer-oriented approach to services and high-quality consultations. Customer satisfaction would probably increase after training as customer service presents the front line of communication between business and customers. Moreover, through a reduced turnover rate, the company revenue will increase as well as ROI.


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