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United States as the Strongest Country


Since the Second World War, America has taken the leading position in the world, both militarily and economically. Thus, the Cold War influenced the build-up of defensive systems, as well as nuclear weapons. Moreover, the favorable investment climate and the growth of the largest companies in the world, such as Apple, Amazon, influenced the growth of the economy as a whole. However, the statement that the United States is the “best country” globally, or rather the strongest, will not work without specific numbers and information. Thereby, one may consider it most appropriate to compare the United States with other countries in terms of GDP indicators.

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A construct to compare the US with other countries

Therefore, it was possible to find a relevant source showing the GDP figures for the latest reports. Namely, the report of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for April 2021, which showed that the US GDP is approximately $22 million (International Monetary Fund). This indicator is the highest in the world, making the US economy the strongest. One can conclude that the source is reliable since it is an official report of an international organization. The closest GDP to the US is China’s, at $16 million (International Monetary Fund). Moreover, this source makes it possible to analyze other economic indicators. The United States occupies a leading position in many other fields, which also confirms the veracity of the selected rating.

Difficulties in finding the data

It is important to understand that one should only use reliable official sources when looking for such data. Before finding the official report, there were some difficulties that were formulated by finding many unofficial sources. Moreover, the scores for these sources varied widely, which casts doubt on their relevance. Finding the IMF website itself was not a problem, just like finding the countries’ GDP ratings. The found measure may lead one to several conclusions about the policy and management of the United States.

First, one can conclude that despite the difficulties that have plagued the country throughout its history, the leadership was able to bring it to a leading position. These difficulties include World War II, Cold War, Covid-19, as well as various natural disasters and terrorist attacks. And these are far from all the challenges that the country’s leadership had to face. Certainly, this also affects the manifestation of freedom: in developed countries, people feel more comfortable and free.

Surely, like most people living in a country with the highest GDP, this makes me happy. It gives not only a kind of patriotic satisfaction but also confidence and comfort. Despite the difficult modern times, namely the pandemic and lockdowns, people with the highest GDP can count on help from the state. This is formulated by the fact that a developed economy allows the leadership to make monetary allocations, create funds, and help regions with a difficult situation financially. Additionally, this measure says about the United States in general that the governing bodies have selected the correct strategies for the country’s development. Moreover, it shows the purposefulness of the nation, the desire to occupy a leading position, and most importantly, how effectively these desires were actualized.

Aspects making the measurement questionable

There are several aspects to consider when talking about the weaknesses that could make my measurement questionable. The first aspect is the catching-up economy of other countries, although now the indicators are not high, there is a given rate of development. For example, the rapid growth of the Chinese economy since the 1980s, which affects overall market and financial flows (Biswas 27). The second aspect can be disappointing forecasts made by different analytical groups. According to them, the US GDP is expected to decline, although again, no one can argue about the veracity and relevance of such information.

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