United States History: Course Recommendations


It is difficult to overestimate the meaning of education for the further development of people, both personal and professional. One should note that some courses are obligatory for all students whatever their specialization, and United States History is among them. It is believed that full-fledged members of American society must know the history of their country. Thus, the given class is useful because it can teach practical lessons provided the students have an appropriate attitude towards its learning.

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Course Lessons

The class under consideration has a crucial significance because it can provide students with useful information for daily life and work. As far as my case is concerned, two particular lessons have been learned from United States history. On the one hand, it refers to cultural diversity promoting social justice. Specific attention is devoted to this issue, stating that America is a multiethnic state in which all people have equal rights (OpenStax, 2019). This information is useful in the modern world since it helps avoid some racial and many social problems, which is crucial for achieving successful results in cooperating with others. On the other hand, the second lesson has come from the country’s transformation to a world power (OpenStax, 2019). This information can serve as the right motivation for people who face some problems at their work. According to Kanfer, Frese, and Johnson (2017), work motivation is “of crucial importance to the success of organizations and societies and well-being of individuals” (p. 338). Thus, it is possible to say that the course has affected my daily life and work routine positively.

Recommendations for Incoming Students

Considering the information above, it is advised that students should pay particular attention to this class. All incoming students should be aware of certain phenomena to achieve good results. Firstly, this course implies specific outcomes that are to be met. It means that learning should be aimed at in-depth results, rather than at superficial studying. Secondly, instructors pay attention to whether students attend classes and whether they participate in the discussion. The fact is that active participation in all scientific disputes is critical for students to earn high marks. Finally, it is necessary to be aware of the course late assignment policy. 5% of possible assignment points are deducted for each day if an assignment is submitted after the due date. However, the penalty will not be imposed if an emergent situation happens. The best option is to avoid lateness at all.

The recommendations above determine some strategies that can be useful to achieve success in the course. The essential aspect is to develop the motivation to prepare for this class before its beginning. In this case, one will not have problems with attending a classroom and participating in all discussions. It can be useful to study extensively in advance to have a precise understanding of a topic. Furthermore, it is necessary to be familiar with a grading system to realize what should be done to succeed. Thus, if new students want to earn an A, the best advice for them is to follow these recommendations.


United States History course is crucial for students who want to become full members of society. The class implies a few peculiarities that must be considered to achieve successful results. Incoming students should take efforts to meet the requirements, and some useful strategies can help them deal with it. As for me, the course has brought two essential lessons that have affected both daily life and work.


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