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United States History Significance

The USA’s history is rich in significant events being discussed in current media. The Article “A Civil Rights Victory Party on the Mall” published in the New York Times is devoted to a brief historical overview of race matters to memory the contribution of civil rights pioneers. The article discloses the inauguration program underlining the aspects of US racism.

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The presidential campaign disclosed some issues of racism experienced by the USA throughout history. The special question was centralized around the culmination of the civil rights struggle. Comparative analysis of the state situation and perception of black people differs a lot from that one suffered a generation ago. It is important to stress that people of Afro-American origin had no rights for voting freely; they were to go through a number of restrictions and obligations. Nowadays millions of black people support the first black president of the nation. The article states, “Barack Obama has run the last lap of a 54-year race for civil rights”. (Jesse Jackson, NY Times).

The flow of current events evoked Mr. Obama’s interest in the present community and the position of the black people in it. He stated that through previous centuries the government of Washington managed to ignore the community service development aimed at providing necessary conditions for the people of Afro-American origin and other nations living in the USA. Besides, the article touches on the problem of schools integration is expected in 1957. The analysis of civil rights influence on the US social atmosphere showed its positive print. Dorothy Height, 96, expressed her view as to the current situation and inauguration process: “I never thought I would live to see this. This is a real recognition that civil rights were not just what Dr. King dreamed”. It is necessary to underline the fact that nowadays black people really feel safer than in previous centuries and the US managed to overcome the race problem. (Seelye, 2009).

The Constitution is considered to be the cornerstone of American democracy and its national religion. The article “The Oath” published in the New York Times is devoted to the significance of Constitution throughout the history. Adam Liptak, the author of the article, underlined the aspect that the document makes government officials “to be bound by oath or affirmation to support this Constitution”.

The article discloses the significant moments of giving oaths to the Constitution by outstanding people throughout history. It was pointed out the introduction of the Constitution itself was a major step made by the country to well-being and national stability. The power of the Constitution is connected with the responsibilities it put on the presidency. “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the US, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the US”, – these are the words transforming the usual politician into the US president.

The article provides some examples from the US history of the presidency; thus, Franklin Pierce showed affirmation of this code rather than swearing to the Constitution. The article argues as to the words “so help me God” firstly pronounced by G. Washington. It was stated that Mr. Obama wished to include this phrase officially into the presidential oath of the Constitution.

The article managed to discuss and underline the principal functions of the Constitution. It has a great historical value for the American nation. The current government strives to insert some additional details into the document making it more adapted to the time. The American Constitution is an integral part of modern politics highlighting the peculiarities and rules of the American nation. It is necessary to stress that the article managed to disclose the principal arguments as to the forms of swearing provided by former US presidents over its history. (Liptak, 2009).

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The sphere of religion has undergone various changes in its perception by Americans. The article “In 2009 Religion will cause more Trouble and be in more Trouble” published by Washington Post gives a brief review of American religion development and its future prospects.

The article concentrates on the fact that religion has suffered a rapid decline in its development over previous decades. It is connected with the loss of scientific and cultural wars experienced in previous centuries. History shows that current religion can exist only together with secular society. The decline of religious influence in the US as well as in other countries is related to the religious-based conflict suffered by many nations throughout the decades. Jews, Christians, and Muslims are predominantly concerned about the declining values and loss of faith. The researches on the problem have shown that the religious faith decline can be explained by the fact that organized religions dominating nowadays cannot satisfy the needs of the modern population and become the answer to the major ills of humanity, just the reverse. Modern religions are aimed at the creation of various sects harming humanity and its vision of religion.

It is necessary to underline the fact that the current development of religion and its place in society changed with history. Religious faiths and values are perceived differently. The article managed to disclose the stalemate between religious benefits and their harmful impact. There is a tendency to believe that harm and damage, made by religion, nowadays far outweighed its beneficial influence on people’s inner state and moral make-up. The domination of Muslim-Christian violence can explain the social vision of religious values. Sectarians taking no responsibility for wars in Palestine and Iraq to strengthen religious conflicts and violence. (Chopra, 2008).

The US historical researches have shown that one of the richest national generations is considered to be that one of the baby boomers. The US News and World Report devoted an article to the topic called “Three reasons why Baby Boomers are the richest Generation in History”. So, it was found out that baby boomers are the wealthiest in US history, though they may not feel it now.

According to the data provided by the Global Institute report of McKinsey, boomers managed to earn about $3,7 trillion being twice as much as silent US generation members. The basic factors influencing this appeared to the: size, education, and social change. Historical overlook shows that since 1945 the size of baby boomers has rapidly increased and they represent the bigger part of the population. Besides, the economic changes and technological innovations were merely capitalized due to the higher level of boomers’ education. They influence the social change in the country streaming into workplaces at a high rate; they used to marry and have children much later becoming the wage earners of the US population.

The history of the US shows that baby boomers never accumulated wealth for the purpose of retirement. Previous generations of the US tried to peak earnings and use them for retirement while the boomers’ savings were not fixed and gathered. Thus, it is necessary to underline the fact the period of economic crisis disclosed great debts of baby boomers. So, to balance the US social position the median retirement age should be changed from 62,6 to 64,1 by the period of 2015. It will help to get the major savings of the generation back. Besides the representatives of the baby boomers are to work stable trying not to change the job for many times. The research carried out by McKinsey has shown that this generation still has a chance for “rehabilitation”. (Brandon, 2008).

The article “Conservatives Leaving or Left Behind” highlights historical peculiarities of Anglican Communion and discloses contradictions as to conservatives leaving the Episcopal Church.

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The article highlights some aspects expressed by Martin Luther in the period of Reformation. His reformation disclosed grievances with the Catholic Church of Rome. It was focused on theological aberrations, widespread corruption, and simony. The high ground search of conservative schismatic is considered to be rather complicated. The basic grievance is Gene Robinson’s elevation being completely open for discussions as a bishop. Coming back to the politics of Martin Luther, it is necessary to state that his Reformation was merely based on scripture. The Bible says nothing about homosexuality but affirmed the introduction of the Levitical laws. For conservatives this fact is a kind of redoubt; they are to enforce and observe additional Levitical proscriptions adding dietary regulations and laws as to fabric clothes content or in another case, it will be called selective literalism ruse.

The traditions made schismatics leave. The article states, that “Episcopalians are different from traditions but despite this, the tradition should not be a shackle and blind anyone to new applications and fresh understandings of the gospel.“ It should be noted that the horizons of the new diocese fate are considerably limited. A group defining itself in a negative way would not get much of the message. One should stress that the religious folks’ sector decrying homosexuality is not completely underserved in the territory of North America. (Balmer, 2008).


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