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Young Adults: Exploring Public Service Careers


McCullough graduated in the year 2007 from the Waterloo University. She decided to take a job in the Public Service Commission. She later transferred to Ottawa to take a position that was offered to her by the Public Service Commission of Canada. There were several things that she found very exciting about public service. She was majorly attracted to the profession by the outstanding compensation packages, the scholarships and growth opportunities that the sector offered its employees. The other thing that she was paying attention to was the fact that she was able to balance her employment and private life (Buckstein 111). This position gives her an opportunity to apply for her educational setting in the official languages. The Public Service Commission, involves duties for staffing the federal government. McCullough strongly believes that functioning effectively with the human resource personnel in the federal government offers her a remarkable opportunity for career growth without the need for changing employers.

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Working with the Federal Government gives people a chance to visit different places and engage in various things. The service training and the ongoing learning program are given a high precedence in the Federal Government. The Public Service is an ongoing learning association. It gives an opportunity for a great investment in every employee through counseling, coaching, job and the classroom training. The government should give many career opportunities to the young people for there are so many job opportunities that need several education skills (Buckstein, p. 111).

The Public Service Commission should carry out various hiring programs, this includes, recruitment of the post- secondary students who are expected to be equal to the university graduates. Two policy analysts’ posts and public safety have been advertised recently. Several students should get chances through the hiring programs whereas they are still attending the universities (Buckstein Jeff, p. 111). For instance, under the Federal Student Work Program, almost 10,000 students each year, get a chance to put into practice what they have studied in their various fields. This is done under a schedule that is full time. Hiring should be carried out through the cooperatives and the internship programs.

Various regional, territorial and metropolitan governments also give co-op work programs for the students. The Managing Director of Management Career Services, an organization that is situated at Dalhousie University in Halifax articulates that the Federal Government offers some co-op placement opportunities to interns. They work in the areas like marketing and exploration, revising the websites, and touring the region in order to advance skills training (Buckstein 111). These appointments at times result into a Public Service Career after they graduate. When a young person gets into the Public Services, they have a chance to progress upward towards the central management.


Young natives pondering the community service career at the three levels of the government are frequently keen to make contributions to the welfare of the community. Security is a main factor in decisions and it initiates an occupation in the Public Service Commission, particularly during the times of the cost-effective uncertainty. There are alarms, nevertheless, that a Federal Government Austerity program should do away with, for example, the shortcomings incurred while fighting the current downturn, which is programmed to commence in the year 2011.This may have a great effect on the hiring of more working force in the following years (Buckstein, p. 111).

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