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A Journal on Establishing Context With Urgent Care Centers


The market research results revealed to the entrepreneurs that the urgent care center model of business would appeal to segments of the population where some would find it more attractive than others. This assertion stemmed from the entrepreneurs’ reviewing the surveys and realizing that customer prospects of different characteristics (Thomas, 2020). Even though the market research focused on the general population, the results revealed the diverse preferences of the segments based on age, race, economic status, education, and lifestyle.

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Customer Profile

The business model would appeal to the 25- to 40-year-old adults, whites, middle- to upper-middle-class income people, and people whose lifestyle involved progressiveness, innovation, extreme mobility, and more present-oriented than future-oriented (Thomas, 2020). The 25- to 40-year-old men and women had other characteristics like an acceptable level of education, frequent mobility, were new to the area and were from families of dual-income, no children (DINK) (Thomas, 2020). The urgent care business model was not appealing to the rich or those in the upper-income class, less affluent populations, and non-whites (Thomas, 2020). The urgent care center model was not appealing to the less affluent population because they felt intimidated and concerned with upfront payments (Thomas, 2020). The conclusions from the market research are not different from similar studies. Results from a 2019 national health interview survey revealed that the people with more visits to urgent care centers included non-Hispanic white adults, highly-educated individuals, women of all age groups, and 30- to 44-year old men (Black & Adjaye-Gbewonyo, 2021). Even though the profiles are different, it is proof that the urgent care centers are not appealing to all segments of society.

Importance of Knowing the Characteristics

The knowledge of the characteristics of prospective customers is part of market intelligence that is fundamental for entrepreneurship. The information on customer profiles was relevant for the entrepreneurs in finding the best places to locate the centers and, in the process, reach out to more ideal customer prospects. Initially, before hiring the marketers, the entrepreneurs had chosen high-traffic spots for the location of the urgent care centers.

The market research results confirmed their intuition on the site of the care centers (Thomas, 2020). Additionally, the entrepreneurs endeavored to make the business venture a success by ensuring that the target population knew the business model (Thomas, 2020). They launched a marketing campaign that targeted the households with the characteristic of the prospective customers. To guarantee a high penetration and effective marketing campaign, the exercise was done within a five-mile radius of each site of the care centers (Thomas, 2020). The success rate of the urgent care centers was satisfactory, with only two out of the possible seven being failures (Thomas, 2020). The two centers were unsuccessful because of low visibility and drive-by traffic (Thomas, 2020). It is proof that knowing the characteristics was vital in setting up the centers at ideal locations and targeting to grow the clientele around the clinics.

Success Factors

The urgent care center business model is similar to a retail delivery model, and thus the success factors are most likely to mirror each other. According to Ayers (2018), the key success factors for urgent centers are “convenience, accessibility, affordability, and customer service” (1). The location of an urgent care center needs to fully meet the factors of convenience and accessibility. In terms of site location, the place has to be accessible and convenient for prospective customers. For instance, there are probably low success rates for an urgent care center in a high-traffic area but on the fifth floor of a building. Accessibility factors include visibility of the building, absence of parking limitations, and provisions of access to injured patients (Ayers, 2018). Excellent customer services that meet people’s needs boost their loyalty to the business. Customer service for patients at urgent care clinics involves meeting the urgent care needs such as same-day appointments, availability during extended out-of-hours, and timely response to emergencies. In terms of affordability, the services should not be more costly than traditional medical care at hospitals and allow patients with or without insurance at lower costs.

Marketing Objective

Urgent care centers need to plan accordingly for marketing campaigns by ensuring they have market intelligence. Promotional marketing campaigns that are goal-oriented result in high volumes of business (Thomas, 2020). The SMART objective is that within a specified period, the business will increase its clientele by a certain percentage. In this case, the specific marketing goal is to increase the number of clientele and the key performance indicator (KPI) is an increase in the number of patients and the attainable goal is the increase in clientele. Additionally, the goal is realistic and timely since it seeks to improve the current norms and get results within the target period.


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