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  1. A Research of Breast Cancer Survival
    We know the cancer of breast tissue as Breast cancer. It has reported too that breast cancer affects woman ageing of any age at least in the western world.
  2. Massage Therapy vs. Simple Touch to Improve Pain and Mood in Patients with Advanced Cancer: A Randomized Trial
    The primary objective of this qualitative research is to understand the people’s perception of a particular issue. Qualitative researches focus on a holistic description.
  3. Tanning Booths and Skin Cancer Relationship – Medicine
    The paper establishes the relationship between tanning booths and skin cancer and examines the dangers of tanning booths among high school students.
  4. Postmenopausal Women with Breast Cancer
    This research discusses, Experience of adjuvant treatment among postmenopausal women with breast cancer: health-related quality of life, symptom experience, stressful events and coping strategies.
  5. From Breast Cancer to Zika Virus – Nursing Issues
    The paper studies relations between diabetes type II and oral hygiene, treatment of cardiovascular diseases, vision loss, breast cancer, and preventing Zika virus.
  6. Approaches to Cancer Care
    Cancer is one of the most significant health problems of the modern society. Various types of cancer threaten or take the lives of thousands of people.
  7. Inner Strength in Women Survivors of Cancer
    This is a summary of the article “The role of inner strength in quality of life and self-management in women survivors of cancer” by C. Dingley and G. Roux.
  8. Cancer Management: Effective Diagnosis, Treatment, Lessening the Effects of Complications
    Cancer refers to any dangerous and abnormal mass of tissue caused by hysterical dissection of cells in the body. Effective management of cancer entails timely and effective diagnosis.
  9. Cancer Diagnosis, Complications and Treatment
    Cancer may be suspected depending on the individual’s symptoms. The symptoms may present themselves during physical examinations or screening tests.
  10. Possible Trends in the Cause of Cancer
    Among the most problematic issues regarding cancer and its treatment, the fact that the disease may affect any part of the patient’s body needs to be outlined.
  11. Cancer Treatment Research: Informed Consent
    The paper contains an informed consent letter inviting to become a part of the research project dedicated to cancer treatment methods in Hispanic patients.
  12. Prostate Cancer: African American Cancer Initiative
    The initiative will to create awareness about the risks of prostate cancer and the importance of regular screening. It has been designed reduce the health disparities between the races.
  13. Mindfulness-Based Music Therapy in Cancer Patients
    The paper reviews Lesiuk’s study “The effect of mindfulness-based music therapy on attention and mood in women receiving adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer”.
  14. Breast Cancer: Disease Screening and Diagnosis
    The paper studies the medical case of a female patient with the risk of breast cancer increased by the fact that cancers were recently diagnosed in her family.
  15. Cancer Diagnostics, Staging and Complications
    It is important to determine the most optimal approach to cancer treatment since this disease has many complications and is one of the most problematic.
  16. Physical and Mental Care for Cancer Patients
    The approach to the care of cancer should include physical and psychological treatment, appropriate diagnosis procedures, education for patients and their families.
  17. Who Work with Cancer Patients?
    The presented study tested the practice of asking nurses who work with cancer patients to regularly gather for open discussions of their stress-related issues and coping strategies.
  18. Lung Cancer, Its Etiology Pathophysiology
    The genetic/epigenetic alterations alter signal transduction pathways in cells. This paper examines the etiologic factors and mechanisms of pathophysiology of lung cancer.
  19. Birth Control Pills and Cervical Cancer Development
    The study question to be addressed is ‘how does the use of birth control pills enhance the risks of developing cervical cancer?’
  20. Endometrial Cancer Symptoms in Women After 35
    The main objective of the study will be to establish some of the common symptoms portrayed by women under the age of 35 years when they are diagnosed with endometrial cancer.
  21. Cervical Cancer Screening Methodology
    This paper reviews cervical cancer screening methodology and provides a rationale for applying each recommendation to a specific group of the population.
  22. Cancer: Steps of the Implementation Plan
    The main goal of this paper is to outline three steps of an implementation plan for the medical intervention that will help to increase the quality of life of cancer patients at later stages.
  23. Gastric Cancer Treatment: Data Collection
    The paper describes variables and data collection for research on the prevalence of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in Hispanic patients with gastric cancer.
  24. Music Therapy Effects for Breast Cancer Patients
    The research question for this study is whether mindfulness-based music therapy influences attention and mood in women who receive adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer.
  25. Cancer Care Approaches: Diagnosis, Side Effects, and Treatment
    Cancer care is a complex process that requires extensive understanding of the various dynamics of cancer diagnosis, staging, treatment, prevention, and management.
  26. Community Cancer Screening and Detection Project
    Poor diets and unhealthy lifestyles have led to an increase in the rate of people suffering from diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and a range of weight problems.
  27. Value Care of Cancer
    Cancer is a chronic disease that emanates from genetic mutations, which causes cells to lose their cellular regulation mechanisms and grow uncontrollably.
  28. Breast Cancer Studies: Evaluation and Analysis of Scientific Papers
    This paper assesses the level of effectiveness and reliability of studies, as well as offer a separate intervention that can help at least partially solve the problem of breast cancer.
  29. Cervical Cancer Prevention Among British Women
    This paper discusses the policies developed in the UK to prevent cervical cancer among adult women and the measure taken to improve the health and well-being of women.
  30. Mindfulness-Based Therapy for Cancer Patients
    Cancer is one of the prevalent diseases in the world. The disease itself as well as cancer treatment becomes a frequent cause of psychological distress for patients.
  31. Approach to the Care of Cancer
    This paper discusses cancer, including the approach to cancer care, cancer complications and side effects, and the ways of addressing the side effects.
  32. Cancer Burden and Prevention Strategies
    The essay examines cancer statistics, prevention strategies, and management interventions aimed at mitigating outcomes and improving the quality of life.
  33. Cancer Effects Management Methods
    Several methods that can be employed to manage the physical and psychological effects of cancer on the patient are described.
  34. Cervical Cancer in the UK
    Cervical cancer is one of the most common diseases affecting women, and has a significant amount of lethal outcomes.
  35. Skin Cancer: Examination and Prevention
    The paper presents recommendations for a skin examination, lists populations with increased risk of skin cancer and gives recommendations regarding sun exposure.
  36. Mammography Screening and Breast Cancer Mortality
    The study has been designed to measure the effectiveness of breast cancer decision aids (DAs) in improving mammography screening intentions in African-American women 65 years and older.
  37. Mammary Cancer: Health Screening Initiative
    Breast cancer is one of the dangerous conditions, which might lead to lethal consequences. This type of cancer is a malignant tumor of the glandular tissue of the breast.
  38. Mindfulness-Based Music Therapy and Cancer Treatment
    Music therapy is currently viewed as one of the tools for managing the stress that women undergoing cancer treatment are experiencing.
  39. Bladder Cancer, Its Mortality Trends and Projection
    One of the current events in epidemiology is conducting an analysis of bladder cancer incidence, mortality trends, and projection.
  40. Cancer Risk Factors: Biology Concepts
    The development of cancer cells is associated with the halting of the process of cell generation and decay that may be considered one of the basic aspects of the physical health.

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  1. Breast Cancer Screening Promotion
    The article begins with a brief description of the North Carolina Breast Cancer Screening Program. The program included social-ecological and community organizing approaches to health promotion.
  2. Anxiety and Depression Among Females with Cancer
    The study investigated the prevalence of and the potential factors of risk for anxiety and/or depression among females with early breast cancer during the first 5 years.
  3. Cancer Stages, Treatment and Side Effects
    The paper delves into the peculiarities of diagnosing, managing, complications, and side effects of the treatment of cancer.
  4. Gastric Cancer Treatment: Research Instrument
    The paper describes selecting an instrument for research on the prevalence of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in Hispanic patients with gastric cancer.
  5. Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment
    An effective approach to cancer care should consider both physical and emotional needs that cancer patients have.
  6. Breast Cancer and Effective Medical Treatment
    The aim of this paper is to characterize breast cancer and to describe the modern methods of its treatment and prevention.
  7. Breast Cancer Inheritance Biophysical Factors
    The biophysical factors operating in this situation are the age of the patient and the possible inheritance of breast cancer. The psychological factors are her mental health records.
  8. Cervical Cancer: Pathophysiological Processes
    Cervical cancer is a serious disease that may take human lives in a short period of time because its signs and symptoms are not always easily recognized.
  9. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Prostate Cancer
    The paper discusses diagnostic methods of benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer as common diseases of the genitourinary system in men older 40 years.
  10. Vomiting and Nausea in Patients with Gastric Cancer
    The major focus of the proposed research is the prevention of nausea and vomiting in patients with gastric cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy.
  11. Colon Cancer Among Male Hispanic Population
    The problem of colon cancer among the male Hispanic population in the United States is a major cause of concern.
  12. Cancer Patients and Survivors Support Group
    This paper dwells upon some peculiarities of managing a support group consisting of young adult cancer patients and cancer survivors.
  13. Women’s Healthcare: Breast Cancer Prevention & Treatment
    Preventive services for patients who are at risk of breast cancer include medications for risk reduction of the disease and screening for breast cancer using film mammography.
  14. Cancer Care, Diagnostics and Complications
    This paper gives a detailed approach to care of cancer. The other issues discussed include the diagnosis and staging of cancer.
  15. Anthem Blue Cross: Breast Cancer Screenings
    This paper aims to present a detailed economic report regarding the implementation of breast cancer screenings that Anthem Blue Cross will provide free of charge.
  16. Reactive Oxygen Species and Cancer Cells Relationship
    The study research problem focuses on the relationship between reactive oxygen species (ROS) caused by oxidative stress and cancer cells
  17. Pain Management Issues in Cancer Patients
    Pain has a significant effect on the quality of life of cancer patients, their view of the effectiveness of treatment, disease progression, and survival.
  18. Prevention of Breast Cancer
    The problem of the study is a major one because it is connected to one of the critical health concerns that affect women worldwide: breast cancer.
  19. Colorectal Cancer: Factors and Prevention
    Colorectal cancer is a serious disease that is estimated to affect many individuals in the US by 2030. The primary approach to preventing it is regular screenings.
  20. Breast Cancer and Stress Heightening
    This paper aims to discuss three educational interventions that can help patients to manage their stressful experiences.
  21. Skin Cancer in Latin American Population
    The paper analyzes the prevalence of skin cancer among Latin Americans, focuses on the significance of this problem, and suggests opportunities for improvement.
  22. Cervical Cancer Intervention in Clinical Practice
    A lot of research has been done on the topic of cervical cancer and how various strategies of intervention work to address it.
  23. Depression in Female Cancer Patients and Survivors
    Depression is often associated with fatigue and sleep disturbances that prevent females from thinking positively and focusing on the treatment and its outcomes.
  24. Cancer Pain Management and Education Programs
    The paper below presents a detailed summary of a proposal aimed at examining how cancer patients can embrace education programs focusing on pain management practices.
  25. Alternative Medicine in Cancer Pain Management
    The quality of life of cancer patients can be improved by combining pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapies to achieve the desired effect and alleviate pain.
  26. Lung & Bronchus Cancer Rates in the United States
    Lung and bronchus cancer rates in the United States continue to decrease but with significant differences in histology, gender, and race.
  27. “A Culturally Tailored Internet Cancer Support Group for Asian American Breast Cancer Survivors”: Article Analysis
    Medicine, as a holistic science, recognizes the individual cultural uniqueness of every patient in order to deliver a better quality of care.
  28. American Cancer Society Guidelines Implementation
    Healthcare system practice guidelines represent systematically developed statements intended to assist practitioners and patients in making decisions about relevant health care.
  29. Cancer: Approach to Care
    This paper focuses on investigating the diagnosis, complications, and treatment of cancer through the concept of approach to care for patients with the disease.
  30. American Cancer Society: Risk Factors, Effective Care and Enhancing Nursing Knowledge
    This work aims to describe the factors contributing to the yearly incidence and mortality rates of cancers in Americans and safe care at the disease stages.
  31. The Approach to the Care of Cancer
    Cancer is considered to be the leading cause of death worldwide. The most common cancers are breast cancer, lung and bronchus cancer, and colorectal cancer.
  32. Factors Influencing Breast Cancer Screening in Low-Income African Americans in Tennessee
    This article focuses on understanding the factors that are associated with the decision and obstacles to breast cancer screening in African-American women living in Tennessee.
  33. Recommendations for Breast Cancer Screening: USPSTF Guidelines
    This paper aims to give a proper recommendation for breast cancer screening under USPSTF guidelines while considering the differences in patients’ epidemiology.
  34. Evaluating Intrinsic and Non-Intrinsic Cancer Risk Factors
    Cancer is a disease that can affect every cell of the human body and is characterized by the uncontrolled growth of cells that can divide and invade surrounding tissues.
  35. Databases in Early Lung Cancer Screening
    This paper proposes a database that is designed to assist medical workers with the early detection of lung cancer.
  36. Miami Breast Cancer Conference: Scholarly Activity
    Breast cancer is a prominent variation of the condition, as the body part is generally considered to be among the most common targets for the illness.
  37. Breast Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention
    This paper aims to discuss breast cancer epidemiology and socioeconomic factors with regard to the young, middle, and older adults to identify risks, prevention, and opportunities.
  38. Computed Tomography and Related Cancer Risks
    Research demonstrates that computed tomography (CT) may indeed increase the risks of cancer, but it also shows that CT’s value cannot be overstated.
  39. “Preferences for Photographic Art Among Hospitalized Patients With Cancer” the Article by Hanson, H., Schroeter, K., Hanson, A., Asmus, K., & Grossman, A.
    The present article reports on one of many research studies that aim to contribute to the body of knowledge regarding complementary therapy for patients with cancer.
  40. “Preferences for Photographic Art Among Hospitalized Patients With Cancer” the Article by Asmus, K., & Grossman, A., Hanson, H. and Schroeter, K.
    Cancer has always been a complex health condition to treat, and the advancements in alternative and complementary therapies have captured professionals’ attention.

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  1. “Preferences for Photographic Art Among Hospitalized Patients With Cancer” the Article by Grossman, A., Schroeter, K., Hanson, A. and Hanson, H.
    The article reviewed in the scope of this paper is titled “Preferences for Photographic Art among Hospitalized Patients with Cancer.”
  2. “Preferences for Photographic Art Among Hospitalized Patients With Cancer” the Article by Hanson et al.
    The investigated research paper delves into the topical problem of cancer and attempts to improve patients` states by using multiple approaches, tools, or devices.
  3. Lung Cancer Early Screening in African Americans
    New communication policies should be incorporated into the healthcare system in the US to enhance annual CT screening for high-risk patients exposed to smoke and chemical poisons.
  4. Ethical Dilemma: Handling a Request for No Further Cancer Treatment
    Modern technologies can prolong a person’s life and interrupt it, and this is a person’s choice of which decision to make.
  5. Colon Cancer: Possible Treatment Analysis
    Colon cancer also referred to as colorectal cancer, is characterized by a high incidence in the USA, especially among men above 50.
  6. Breast Cancer: Discussion of the Problems and Way of Treatment
    An analytical and evaluative case that is intended to recover fully the problem of breast cancer and explain the ways of its treatment in the context of nursing.
  7. Cancer and Contemporary Therapeutic Approaches
    Cancer is a hazardous disease due to its potential lethality. This essay describes the basic traits of cancer and contemporary therapeutic approaches to the condition.
  8. Cancer: Symptoms and Consequences
    The research of the symptoms of cancer and its consequences to evaluate the seriousness of the problem in the USA but and the whole world.
  9. Understanding the Skin Cancer Causes and Protecting the Skin
    Exposure to too much sun can lead to skin cancer. If we do not change our habits majority of us will one time get skin cancer during our lifetime and many people will die from it.
  10. Skin Cancer, Its Causes and Preventive Measures
    Skin cancer is one of the most common of all cancers, therefore, society needs to know the risks involved and must be better educated when it comes to preventative measures.
  11. Cancer Interference With Dna Replication
    Reports indicate that a greater percentage of human cancers originate from chemical substances as well as environmental substances.
  12. Racism in Breast Cancer Treatment
    Cancer treatment is the least studied field that arises numerous ambiguities and requires a more sophisticated approach in studying.
  13. Cancer Problem for Today’s Women
    The critique imposed in the study encompasses the fullness of the knowledge base in medical innovative therapies and pre-caution procedures for women living with cancer.
  14. The Colon Cancer: Main Aspects
    The essay looked into historical aspects of colon cancer, its prevalence, prevention and treatment of colon cancer, and further scientific research in colon cancer.
  15. Cultural Sensitivity in Medicine and Cancer Treatment
    Any medical practitioner should understand the cultural aspects of a community for him to be able to come up with a lasting solution for cancer treatment.
  16. Cancer Prevalence and Health Care
    More than 5 million people living today in the US are living with cancer. Sixty three percent of 65 years and above have had cancer.
  17. Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines: Lung Cancer
    The evidence-based clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) target early detection of lung cancer in patients based on screening tools and techniques suggested by the recent literature.
  18. Listing Occupational Carcinogens and Cancer Prevention
    Occupational carcinogens make up bulk of the known human carcinogens. In the quest to define occupational carcinogens the number of staff exposed is of paramount importance.
  19. Women’s Disease: Breast Cancer and Its Consequence
    Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer types worldwide amounting to 25-30% of all cancer cases detected yearly among women.
  20. A Family Experience of a Child Being Diagnosed With Cancer
    Family members of a child being diagnosed with cancer have to go through a long and complicated road that regrettably, not always leads to success.
  21. Cervical Cancer: Case Study
    The paper reviews the cervical cancer key determinants, factors to ensure access to prevention technologies, and the trials that the Alliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention faces.
  22. Cancer: Definition, Epidemiology, and Pain Management
    Cancer is estimated to reveal itself in as many as 100 types. Statistically, in 2008 the mortality rate from cancer was at the level of 62%.
  23. The Use of Nanotechnology: Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment
    This article provides an overview of research and presentations on the use of nanotechnology for cancer treatment.
  24. Spread of Respiratory Cancer and Ethnicity of the Patient
    Based on the descriptive statistics, it is possible to study how the spread of respiratory cancer and the ethnicity of the patient are related.
  25. Disease Research: Breast Cancer
    Breast cancer is a multifactorial, complex illness that demands proper clinical understanding and a multidisciplinary way to determine diagnosis and treatment.
  26. Lung Cancer among Indigenous Australians
    A great number of severe diseases are widespread among the Indigenous Australian community. Cancer, especially lung cancer, is one of the most frequent cases.
  27. Care of Breast Cancer-Related Lymphoedema
    The lymphoedema’s clinical manifestations include swelling of the upper or lower extremities, violation of skin nutrition, and subcutaneous fat tissue.
  28. Pancreatic Cancer: Symptoms and Treatment
    Treatment is complicated by the fact that pancreatic cancer often does not cause any symptoms until it reaches a large size or does not spread to other tissues.
  29. Genetic Mechanism of Colorectal Cancer
    Colorectal Cancer (CRC) occurrence is connected to environmental factors, hereditary factors, and individual ones.
  30. Virtual Colonoscopy – Colon Cancer Screening
    Virtual Colonoscopy is constantly becoming more and more popular, in comparison with the traditional approach and conventional colonoscopy in particular.
  31. Synthetic Lethality Approach as Used in Cancer Treatment
    The essay aims to demonstrate that Synthetic Lethality (SL) is an effective therapy that triggers two mutations in cancer cells that lead to cell death in the result.
  32. Cancer and Humor in Children: Approach to Research
    The paper has discussed the factors that a researcher must consider when planning to investigate the relationship between the sense of humor and hospitalized childhood cancer stressors.
  33. The Disease of Breast Cancer: Definition and Treatment
    Breast cancer is a serious disease during which the breast cells experience abnormal growth. Females usually have a higher risk of developing the disease.
  34. Type C Personality as a Risk Factor for Cancer
    The paper is on the scientific relationship between personality C and the aspects of gene and hormonal activity that leads to the build-up of cancer cells.
  35. Human Patient Simulation for Skin Cancer Prevention
    Kuhrik et al. conclude that human patient simulation (HPS) can benefit future healthcare providers and promote early prevention and detection.
  36. Breast Cancer: Analysis and Data Collection
    The study to determine the quality of health was a qualitative research study because it showed a significant improved in the quality of life for the breast cancer victims.
  37. Nutritional “Cures” for Clients With Cancer or HIV-AIDS
    The paper analysis nutrition, which can play a pivotal role in providing some relief to patients especially those with HIV/AIDS.
  38. Nutrition Research With Reference to Colorectal Cancer
    The present paper is concerned with evaluating the validity and reliability of nutrition research with reference to colorectal cancer.
  39. Pancreatic Cancer: Diagnostics and Treatment
    The article analyses the most recent techniques in the diagnosis and management of pancreatic cancer malignancy with a very poor prognosis.
  40. Expanded Treatment Options in the Adjuvant Therapy of Colon Cancer
    Nurses can make a difference in improving survival rates for stage III and IV patients by remaining up to date about treatment options offered by new adjuvant agents.

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  1. Prophylaxis Breast Cancer
    This paper examines the majority of the parts in detail and considers every risk linked to the development of this dangerous disease.
  2. Cervical Cancer: Symptoms and Treatment
    Cervical cancer is a condition that affects the cells close to the vagina that can be located in the lower section of the uterus, which is called the cervix.
  3. Summaries of Three Articles About Lung Cancer
    One of the most straightforward and efficient ways to understand the pathogenesis of lung cancer is researching the molecular mechanisms that slowly initiate it.
  4. Socioeconomic Factors of Oral Cancer
    The significant probability of oral cancer being incident in unemployed people was high since the OR (odds ratio) is 2.27.
  5. Grant Proposal: Cancel Cancer
    To ensure that patients diagnosed with cancer can effectively reduce their stress and anxiety levels, a grant is needed to use the program of emotional relief.
  6. Approach to Care. Human Cancer
    Cancer is a group of diseases caused by the uncontrolled division of cells. There is a great variety of cancers, and they are ranked by the type of sell, which the tumor imitates.
  7. Lung Cancer: Causes and Treatment
    In the current paper, the crucial peculiarities of lung cancer, as well as the reasons that cause it, will be discussed.
  8. Americcan College of Radiology Protocol and Cancer Therapy Response to Antiangiogenetic Drug
    Chemotherapy and antiangiogenic drug use are essential in the process of treatment the organs affected with caner cells because the drugs are aimed at reducing the effect of cancer.
  9. African American Women and Cancer
    The existing disparities regarding healthcare services provision in the United States is a critical issue related to such phenomena as racial and gender discrimination.
  10. Virtual Colonoscopy to Screen for Colon Cancer
    The aim of this paper is to estimate the technology of virtual colonoscopy from the perspective of several factors, for filling the mentioned gap with the proper amount of arguments.
  11. Effects of Nutrition on Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Control
    The high prevalence rate of cancer and heart disease has necessitated the need to underline not only the use of drugs but also the role of nutrition in eradicating cancer.
  12. Cancer Treatment Practice Data Research
    Evidence-based practice in the nursing profession is fundamental towards effective delivery of care services to patients.
  13. The New Cancer Cure
    Cancer is caused by cells that grow out of control in the human body thereby forming body masses known as tumors.
  14. Cancer Pain Experiences in Caucasians vs. Minorities
    Race, age, genetics, cancer type, culture, and psychosocial context have all been shown to impact the manner in which cancer patients experience pain during their illness.
  15. Impact of Alcohol Abuse on Breast Cancer Risk in Women
    This paper will examine the effects of alcohol abuse on the development of breast cancer in women to uncover its devastating consequences.
  16. Cervical Cancer: Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice
    This essay seeks to discuss the annual cervical cancer screening practice to identify the EBP that can be used to replace it.
  17. Breast Cancer Development and Progression: Understanding Epigenetic Mechanisms
    The development and progression of breast cancer have been attributed to a series of cellular and molecular events, most of which are not well understood.
  18. Deathography of Cancer
    From an early age, children get to learn about relatives and friends who have passed away and who passed away during their lifetime.
  19. A Perfusion Based 3D Cancer Model for Micro Tumor Formation
    In vitro perfused 3D cancer model, developed in this thesis, proved valuable for cancer cell culture and related anti-cancer drug tests.
  20. Pathology the Respiratory System: Lung Cancer
    Lung cancer is among the leading causes of death through respiratory illnesses and it has posed a major challenge to the global healthcare system.
  21. Functional Characterization of MicroRNAs in Prostate Cancer
    Prostate cancer is the name given to cancer that starts in the prostate gland. The prostate is a part of the man’s reproductive system and is as big as a walnut.
  22. How Cancer Affects the Skin?
    Melanoma represents a type of cancer that affects the melanocytes based in the epidermis section of the skin, and it presents itself as patches of lesions on the skin.
  23. Colorectal Cancer Intervention Model
    The unique skills needed are for successful colorectal cancer intervention includes knowledge of the behavioral challenges, interventions strategies, and health policies.
  24. The Cobalt-60 Machine in the Fight Against Cancer
    This paper will set out to provide an informative discussion on the Cobalt-60 Machine. It will begin by giving its history, concepts, and theories utilized by this invention.
  25. Breast Cancer: Literature Review
    Breast cancer is the single most common type of cancer among women. This type of cancer can be detected by such simple methods as (BSE) breast self-examination.
  26. Does Marijuana Use and Misuse Cause Cancer?
    The purpose of this paper is to review two studies that have attempted to define the possible link between marijuana use/misuse and lung cancer.
  27. The Relationship Between Breast Cancer and Genes
    Cancer, in general, is a disease caused by genes that have mutated or adapted in a different way than was intended.
  28. Prostate Cancer Among Blacks in Maryland: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
    In the context of the black community in Maryland, the cost-effectiveness analysis portrays the ability of the chosen intervention to minimize the consequences of prostate cancer.
  29. Approach to Cancer Care: Diagnosing and Treatment
    This paper will discuss the process of diagnosing and staging cancer, the complications that are common among patients, and the various treatment remedies available.
  30. Esophageal Cancer and Its Treatment
    The paper researches the causes of esophageal cancer, its various symptoms, diagnostic, treatment and possible ends.
  31. Breast Cancer: Research Review Paper
    Plenty of scholars’ investigations help doctors, nurses, and patients to take precautionary and care measures to improve their physical and psychological condition.
  32. Genetic Alterations and Cancer
    The paper will discuss cancer symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, side-effects of treatment, and also its link with a genetic alteration.
  33. Epidemiology of Breast Cancer in UK
    As of 2011, the incidences of breast cancer have been increasing continuously over forty years. Also, there was a general reduction in the rate of mortality caused by breast cancer.
  34. Skin Cancer Types, Cells of Origin
    Melanoma is the severest form of skin cancer that grows quickly, and it can appear as a spot of a red, brown, black, or grey color with asymmetric sides.
  35. Wellness Programs for Colorectal Cancer
    In this plan, the researcher intends to give a clear intervention plan that can help address the problem of colorectal cancer that has affected so many elderly people in our society.
  36. Addressing Risk Factors for Lung Cancer
    Lung cancer cannot be pinpointed to a particular cause. The first prevention measure is ceasing smoking as cigarettes carry chemicals poisonous to the lungs.
  37. Cancer Biology: Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressor Genes
    This paper seeks to interpret the role oncogenes and tumor suppressors play in transformation during cancer formation.
  38. Cancer Treatment and Role of Nurses
    The primary purpose of this paper is to draw attention to current issues related to the treatment of cancer and the role of nurses.
  39. Processed Meat Consumption Causes Pancreatic Cancer
    In the United States, more than 30,000 Americans are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer annually, whereas in Europe over 60,000 people suffer from pancreatic cancer yearly.
  40. “Identifying Dietary Patterns Compatible With the Reduction of Cancer Risk” Article Review
    The review analyzes the purpose of the study aimed at assessing the viability of building healthy eating guidelines in four international settings.

📌 Easy Cancer Essay Topics

❓ Questions About Cancer Research

  1. Can Aspirin Help Reduce the Risk of Lung Cancer?
  2. What Are the Challenges for Relative Effectiveness Assessment and Early Access of Cancer Immunotherapies in Europe?
  3. Does Cellular Phone Use Contribute to Cancer Formation?
  4. Has Medical Innovation Reduced Cancer Mortality?
  5. Can Diet and Exercise Help Prevent Cancer?
  6. Does Detecting Breast Cancer with MRIs Increase the Rate of Mastectomies?
  7. How Are Cancer Cells Structurally Different From Normal?
  8. Can Elderly Patients With Pancreatic Cancer Gain Survival Advantages Through More Radical Surgeries?
  9. How Does Cancer Affect Individuals From All Backgrounds?
  10. Can Immunogenic Chemotherapies Relieve Cancer Cell Resistance to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors?
  11. Does Diet Really Help Prevent Colon Cancer?
  12. Why Do African American Women Contract Breast or Cervical Cancer More Than Any Other Ethnic Group?
  13. How Does Cancer Form and Spread in the Human Body?
  14. Can Korean Red Ginseng Increase the Life Span of Cancer Patients?
  15. Does Natural Killer Cell Deficiency Increase the Risk of Cancer?
  16. Why Do Women Generally Get Breast Cancer Rather Than Other Cancers?
  17. Should the Cervical Cancer Vaccine for Girls Be Compulsory?
  18. Can Religion Help the Healing Process of Cancer?
  19. Does Green Tea Offer the Prescription for Beating Cancer?
  20. How Can Nanomedicine Help Cure Cancer?
  21. What Are the Symptoms and Treatments for Breast Cancer?
  22. Does Medicare Coverage Improve Cancer Detection and Mortality Outcomes?
  23. Are Pet Owners Really at Greater Risk of Cancer?
  24. How Can People Protect Themselves From Cancer?
  25. Does the Immune System Naturally Protect Against Cancer?
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